Posted by: mylittlesnow | July 11, 2008

Bodohwi to hand over power in June 2010? Slowly wait la…

Yesterday, Bodohwi announced that he will be handing over power to Najis come this June 2010. My first reaction was, yeah right! How come my fat spider sense is tingling and my other sixth sense is also telling me that all this is merely an announcement just for show? Something is telling me that by 2010, things will change by then and probably even if Bodohwi wants to hand over the power to Najis, he might not be able to do so anymore. Who knows what will happen in 2 yrs? Maybe we will see more and more evidence surface out on the c4 issue and by 2010, maybe Bodohwi will be handing over a cell in the jail instead of power. Who knows? hmmm… 

My bet is, this power hand over will not happen. This is my take.

Star news report here.



  1. So he is not so bodoh after all.

  2. As responsible citizens of Malaysian we must make sure that such a vile, corrupt and incompetent lader like Najib will never become the next Prime Minister of Malaysia. Malaysia will become the laughing stock of the world, the next Zimbabwe. MCA, Gerakan, MIC and lain-lain – if you guys have any God given conscience or the love for the country say something and do something before it is too late.

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