Posted by: mylittlesnow | July 9, 2008

18 witnesses for sodomy case, fuuyoh? Need or not?

Something baffles me here, lets say if you are going to commit a crime, eg. rape or sodomy, i wonder you’ll let how many people know about it or possibly, how many people could have witness the event. Hmm, could it be up to 18 witnesses? Amazing, simply amazing. Maybe we should try to bid to enter Guiness Books of Records for this. 18 witnesses for one sodomy case. According to police report, we a few of the witnesses comprise of docs, fair enough, how many docs do you need? Is 3 enough? What about the remaining 15? The victim himself will be another witness. That left us with 14. Maybe the Pak Guard at the condominium, left with 13 now. Hmm…  I wonder… Lazy wanna figure out the remaining witness already. But when there’s one witness on a C4 bombing case happen, suddenly that one witness just disappear the next day. No one can hear a bombing sound while lots of people can hear Mr. Saiful moan ar? Cool eh?

Report from M’sia Today here.




    Sodomy is a useful word
    recently said and heard,
    in Malaysian homes and offices
    it’s all about famous orifices.
    What is going on, you wonder
    when Bala steals the thunder,
    finger pointing the magic word
    to the delight of a horny herd
    Organs united, names forgotten?
    VIPs are really rotten
    Saifool he knows and did not know
    doubts about Aminah begin to grow
    of whose loose lips he was afraid
    but liked her other end instead;
    of course he knew it wasn’t right
    but it felt so good and tight!
    You could not hump like Greeks
    the Hindenburg’s fat cheeks;
    what her hubby found so succulent
    was making Rosmah trucculent.
    And so she thought, the time was due
    for a nice Mongolian barbecue.
    Enter the analyst, not so anal,
    who found the girl too banal;
    fearing supernatural harm
    from her juicy feminine charm,
    he hired Bala straightaway
    to keep the honeytrap at bay
    but private dicks were of no match
    for Aminah’s superlative snatch
    and now that Najib had had his fill,
    he would not share the till;
    right after the submarine deal,
    Aminah’s fate he would seal.
    Now Rosmah had one idea
    on how to kenakan dia
    “Let’s bomb the bombshell,
    let’s send her to hell.”
    Thus perished the hapless beauty
    after translation and booty duty;
    now Rosmah’s ass was happy
    until one blogger got yappy;
    this Hindenburg nearly caught fire
    yet to sue she has no desire.
    But Najib’s part in this murder
    will travel much further;
    despite his media actions
    and one or two retractions,
    some questions will remain
    a big part of his bane–
    how did Altantuya really die?
    and why did he have to lie?
    Did he pay off Bala savvily,
    or threaten to C4 his family?
    What acts could be more despised?
    With his money, we’re not surprised;
    after all, he’s such a bully beast,
    to him and him alone, at least,
    magic words that cannot apply–
    are useful for making rivals die.

  2. I heard saiful has set up a blog. I really don’t know what he is up to? Is he proud of what he is doing? Our freind is not a girl, he is a grown up adult,he is claiming someone sodomied him. You must be a willing party to be sodomied. If this is used to smear Anwar, then it won’t get much result.

  3. do you have his blog URL? if this case is not true and meant to smear Anwar’s name, then i think this guy must be paid a lot to do it kua? is someone pay you RM1mil to do this, will you do it? think about it…. 😉

    i won’t…but i believe some other ppl out there will…

  4. …. to us who read and see his ‘kacak’ face in the newspaper, saifool is really seemed ‘confident’ and ‘proud’ to announce to the whole world that he is being sodomied?? something is fundamentally very wrong lah!!

  5. Nothing wrong with Saiful, apart from the fact that he can’t climb up on his own merit. He likes attention and so-called glory (publicity, limelight). This is evident from his classmates’ statements that he liked to have his photo taken with VIPs and he loved to hold high positions in college groups, even though he had one major obstacle – CANNOT STUDY. So, how else can he climb up? By doing something sensational lar. He’s very emotional, but got nothing else between his ears.

  6. Budak Saiful itu memang memalukan bangsa Melayu. Hanya pasal wang sanggupjual maruah diri dan bangsa. Mangsa rogol pun tahu malu, ini jantan pun tak tahu malu. Manusia apa ? Binatang ke dia ?

  7. kepada ibu bapa saiful bagaimana didik anak.adakah kedua ibubapa ini sanggup bersengkokol dgn keaiban yang dibuatnya.harimau selalu sorok kuku.pelik bin ajaib harimau meludah kelangit.

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