Posted by: mylittlesnow | July 7, 2008

Podah, no more sweet talks Bodohwi…

I once believed in what he says and with all sweet talks around, who wouldn’t believe? Do you still remember the slogan ‘Do not work for me, but work with me’. Ya lah, that was back then in 2004 perhaps? I can still recall looking at a poster at the back side of the bus. But thinking back now, maybe i did not see ‘clearly’ back then. The poster was at the back side of the bus, and with all the thick smoke coming out from the bus exhaust pipe, i should have known something is not right, but then, i got cheated anyway.

Today, this Mr. Nice Guy is acting as if he’s Mr. Nice again, talking crap and crab and inserting ‘with me’ whenever possible inside his statement. Look at this, taken from one of Star newspaper report.

“My main priority is to pay attention to important issues like the rising prices of fuel and goods, and to continue with the development programmes for the people,” he said.

I hope the people will join me in focusing on efforts to overcome all the problems and challenges faced today so that we can ensure peace, security and prosperity for the people,” he added.

Dei, podah la brudder. Raise the fuel price yourself and then now try to pay attention to it? Syok sendiri is it? Enough is enough. Once bitten, twice shy. I’d say go fcuk yourself while we join the sodomy guy to overcome all the problems and challenges, at least there’s still hope on the sodomy guy. But if that guy screws up as well, then to hell with him as well. For now, i’d rather place my hope on one ass loving guy.



  1. assalam,nak marah-marah ape,semua naik dah jadi adat.Turun kalu semua takut.Makanya semua cari jamu, cari tongkat ali,cari amcam-macam.Barang naik cakap politik.Pilahanraya cakap politik,orang politik lagi cakap politik.rakyat biasa juga cakap politik.jadi yang betul pun dah dipolitik,salah pun politik.Pandai pun politik.Bodoh pun politik.Adil pun politik.Zalim pun politik.Politik dan cakap-cakap politik dimana-mana.Fitnah dan hasut dimana-mana.Semua bermaklumat.Cipta maklumat.lobi maklumat.cari maklumat.nak tunjuk sapa lebih bermaklumat.Fitnah ni orang benar jadi salah,yang buat jadi benar.masyarakat jadi keliru.pemimpin jadi haru.Makanya ape dan sape untung.Hati jadi mati,mata jadi buta,telinga jadi pekak,hidup kenyang fitnah,madi tak diterima bumi neraka kekal abadi.

  2. hi hajiclark,

    betul jugak comment kau. memang dah keliru jadi. tapi memang nak cakap nih sebab nak lepas geram… sekarang memang dah tak tahu apa yang benar, dan apa yang salah… harap harap dapat selesai cepat cepat dan negara terus maju, aman dan makmur….

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