Posted by: mylittlesnow | July 6, 2008

My 2nd wisdom tooth extraction tomorrow

I don’t know how many of you flers out there got this kind of problem but so far, all of my 3 wisdom tooth that came out, none of ’em are perfect at all. The first one grew up nicely but then, it was biting a chunk of my inner flesh whenever i closes my mouth so in the end, i have to extract it out. And now, the second one, got lost somewhere and grew out of place instead of where it’s suppose to be. And it’s now partially hidden by my right cheek’s inner flesh as well so i’m going to have it removed tomorrow cause i think the longer i leave it there, it will collect more food residue and end up rotten by itself, so better take it out now first. And lastly, there’s another wisdom tooth on the rear left upper side, which is growing bigger and bigger by the day. Sometimes it will collide with the other lower tooth but for now, it’s still not much of a problem for me. The last one never came out, i don’t know why. 🙂

Damn, why all the problems with wisdom tooth? Suppose to help us in anything ar?

Updates (7 July, 10:30pm): It as been almost 12hrs since i got my wisdom tooth extracted and boy oh boy, 3-4hrs after the extraction process is the worst. That is the time when the anaesthetic starts to wear off and you will then feel the pain. But thank God, I’m feeling much better right now although i still dare not eat any solid food at the moment. Just drink some green bean ‘thong sui’ and that’s it. Have not eaten anything else since breakfast. oh well, i guess it’s a good thing for me as well to lose a pound or two…


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