Posted by: mylittlesnow | July 4, 2008

Hoi, lu ingat kita orang Malaysia bodoh ka?

Hoi, lu ingat kita orang Malaysia bodoh ka? #1

Barely 24hrs after Balasubramaniam made the stunning SD on Altantuya’s murder case, he retracted it immediately, removing our dear DPM from any allegations at all. According to Bala, he was compelled to be affirmed under duress. Fuuyoh, maybe we should do a little bit of analysis here, just a simple one. Who’s in power now? Anwar or Najis? Could anyone from Pakatan Rakyat possibly forced our dear Mr. Bala to sign the Statuory Declaration? Are they that powerful? Because as far as I know, he need not be afraid, cause all Mr. Bala have to do is just to go find our dear DPM and tell him everything about this. Ooops, sorry, by right Mr. Bala should go and report to the police immediately. After that, i’m sure everything will be settled and i am dead sure that Mr. Bala here will not need to sign any SD at all, right?

Now what if Bala is being forced by the other party? Is it possible? You have the big dogs from the force as well as the biggest shit around and i can’t help but to agree with him that he should be damn worried about his safety and true enough, and not surprisingly at all, made a U-turn on his SD. So is it hard for us to decide who’s actually forcing Bala?

STAR news here: PI retracts declaration

Hoi, lu ingat kita orang Malaysia bodoh ka? #2 

Now this is the one that made me really pening and hold my head up in disbelief. I didn’t know that if i want to apply for scholarship, i will have to visit our dear DPM? Fuuyoh, tell la earlier dei, had i known about this, i would have applied for a scholarship at the DPM office as well. I also did not know that if there’s any sodomize case, we should immediately refer to our dear DPM as well?  So from now on, do we need to refer all sodomy case to DPM office first before lodging a police report?

Bernama report here – Najib: Saiful came to see my on sodomy case

“I received his (Mohd Saiful’s) visit in my capacity as a leader and he as an ordinary citizen who wanted to tell me something… I don’t know him before this,” Najib told a press conference at his Parliament office here.

I am deeply moved la here, *sob* *sob*, maybe we should refer all the rakyat’s issue to our dear DPM because in his capacity as a leader, he will surely welcome us. 🙂 Damn tired la, time to start cooking some eggs on top of my head as well, cause the temperature now is rising up, and fast…



  1. have you get all the messages?each article has conclusion at last
    cek your witness when azizah meets aab. why?what happened in singapore?

  2. i don’t think i get all the messages….

    enlighten me pls… but one thing is for sure, the truth is still out there…

  3. When will we all malaysians will do get a real justice for all. Most of those bullshits MPs of BN?UMNO atre still on their seats in Parliament I still believe we all wilLLL nOT GETTING A REAL JUSTICE EXCEPT THE MOST RELIABLE MPs of PKR taking over the Place then I would surely Have a Great expections/hopes on them to Clean up all the left shittsss all over.

  4. if u listen 2 najib properly. He said Saiful was nervous, his hands were sweaty. Not only he can end up in DPM’s house but err…did Najib just held his hands? I can imagine the scene
    Saiful:- Datuk, saya kena rogol
    Najib:- Mari, saya pegang tangan
    (stroking hand)
    Tell me allllll about it
    Saiful:- Oh! You are such a darling
    Najib:- Yes thats what Anwar might have said to you. Lets see what else he did to you.

  5. You are funny but what you said it’s true.
    Najib….the man that you can never trust whatever he said because he’ll change his story the next few days. I really hope we won’t end-up like Zimbabwe.

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