Posted by: mylittlesnow | July 1, 2008

Yonex badminton racket review: AT300 vs AT700 VS AT900

Wo wo wo, i guess it’s very rare indeed to have the chance to test out 3 different Yonex racket at the same time and i was very happy when the opportunity came knocking on my door. So i think it’s good for me to quickly write down a brief summary on my personal opinion after testing the three rackets.

Among the three models presented here, AT900 is the latest edition from Yonex. AT700 is the model i am currently using right now while lastly, the AT300 is the lowest end racket which is made in Japan. If you check out at the official Yonex’s website, the other two lower end series of Armotec, AT250 and AT150, are both made in Taiwan. It is believed that the rackets made from Japan is superior in quality compare to the ones made from Taiwan, i don’t have any proof to support this claim, so it’s up to you to believe it or not.

Yonex AT900

So what are my impressions on the three model? Lets start with the AT900. Surprisingly, the AT900 feels very light and it is definitely the lightest among the three. I have no problem executing clears as well as smashes with this racket and also, i don’t think that my smashes are a lot weaker when using this racket. But since it is rather light, i think this racket is suitable for defence minded player. A quick check at Yonex’s official website reveals that AT900 is the only racket from Armortec range to have the Nanoscience and Nanoscale Elastic Ti technology. Cool eh!

On the other hand, AT300 feels like a very heavy racket. It is definitely not head heavy but overall, it feels like a damn solid and heavy racket. For those who dont really fancy using a heavy racket, then this one is not for you. You need a very good wrist work if you really want to harness the full power of this racket. I am not sure if this is suppose to be the case, but this is what i can really recall based on my experience using this racket last week.

In terms of the pricing, you should be able to get the AT300 for RM300, AT700 for around RM490 while the AT900 should cost you around RM550. All prices quoted here should be quite accurate at this time as all the owners bought their rackets recently within the past 6 months. I’m not covering the AT700 as i had done an extensive review previously, click here to view the post.

Overall conclusion:

Armortec AT900
Clears: ****
Attack: ***
Defence: *****
Weight: Light. Lightest among the three.

Armortec AT700:
Clears: ****
Attack: ****
Defence: ***
Weight: Medium but head heavy.

Armortec AT300:
Clears: ****
Attack: ****
Defence: **
Weight: Fairly heavy racket. Not suitable for players with weak wrist/arm.

Disclaimer: Whatever written here are all strictly based on personal opinion only and the performance of the rackets reviewed here are relative to each other and not compared to other rackets.

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