Posted by: mylittlesnow | July 1, 2008

How can we help to prove Anwar’s innocence?

Sorry ladies, but i think you can’t offer much help here, now is the time for us guys to help out instead. I was reading an article at Malaysia Today when someone wrote about a point on how a 23yr old young guy can be sodomized by a 60yr old guy. Hmm…i wonder, very true indeed. Lets not even talk about sodomy, even if it’s a molest case only, how in the blue hell la a young guy in his 20s can be molested by a 60yr old guy without even the slightest trace of injury on the 60yr old guy? Takkan the old man turn into a hulk when he’s doing his thang’? Ooooo… so i was thinking and no, it’s not meant to be a joke… since i’m in my 20s (ahem, yes la, still young la brudder) as well, i would dare to challenge any 60yr or older guy out there to try to lay his hands on me. Lets not even talk about sodomy. Just try and come molest me and if you succeed in doing so without being punched in the face or scratched in any parts of your body or get kicked in your balls and end up spitting out ur balls, then my whole god damn butt is yours for the taking. You can do whatever you want with it. Serious! But please eh, read the T&C carefully above. What i mean is you did not suffer any small or minor injuries which is noticeable at all. Later you come and molest me and kena bashed up kao kao and yet you still wanna claim my butt, then that one not counted ok?


So what say you young fellas out there? Wanna take part in this demonstration to prove that Anwar is innocent?



  1. Got nothing to do but can create such stories, very fedup with all this blunder. Maybe he(full of shit) like to be sodomise but get frustrated later . Most probably somebody need the case and coincidently this had happen so put Dsai into trouble. Siapa mau percaya, ada bini cantik and do u think Dsai will allow this to happen to tarnish his image again. Got brains or no brains

  2. If it is true, Anwar might be the strongest man in Malaysia because he could make that boy to succumb to him just like that. Or, that poor boy, himself is a gay who seduced Anwar and later he found that he could make tonnes of money by blackmailling Anwar. Either one, the poor boy is a bastard.

  3. there are theories surfacing that anwar might be the one who create all this issue himself to gain sympathy but i think most likely this is not the case because he don’t need this… why bring another problem to himself? Any how did he convince that guy to turn himself to police?

    whatever it is… i am sure this is definitely more dramatic than any of the HK drama series out there at the moment… lots of ppl will be focusing on this issue…

    but also i hope the focus should still be on Altantuya’s murder… come on… someone found out the place of murder, where they bomb Altantuya… so i think someone out there know something and this case should be solved quite easily… just that they are dragging the case…

    i’d be damn pissed is Anwar is hurriedly put to jail while the murderer of Altantuya is still free out there or pending trial….

    and also the correct correct issue as well… if the judiciary system not settled, then i will have doubts on all trial result in malaysia…

  4. to say the poor boy succumbing to anwar’s advances as rubbish could be too early. anwar cud jolly well threatened the boy with something else.. there are other powers that anwar could wield besides physical over that fella..

    anyway, this is a good lesson for Malaysians to note. If we do not take our rights seriously and ensure that the Pillars of democracy (legislative, executive & judiciary) remains independent from each other, the biggest one who is getting screwed is actually us!

  5. true… anwar say he can prove that he is innocent, so we shall see about that…

  6. I do not believe Anwar did that1 Not a word. Probably this Saiful guy is been paid a bomb to tarnish Anwar image.
    Imagine Anwar a 61 year old man doing this? I am 60 years old and my sexual desire has diminished!

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