Posted by: mylittlesnow | June 29, 2008

Sodomy allegations on Anwar yet again?

Aww come on! Do they have to resort to this tactic yet again? When i woke up this morning and took up the STAR newspaper to read, i was indeed shocked to read the headlines “Anwar denies sodomy claims“. I was thinking, oh no man, again? Don’t they have a better idea on bringing him down? Maybe they are running out of ideas because they can’t charge him with corruption anymore as Anwar’s not yet a minister. 

Apparently, the incident happened inside a luxury apartment, so maybe they’ll bring in the mattress again as evidence? Come on you BN fuckers, stand up and fight like a man! Don’t be a sissy and use coward tactics. How can we believe this news this time around? Back then in 1999, even though i was only just a kid, i could not believe the fact that Anwar did sodomize some guy with the name Sukma if i can recall correctly. And now after serving jail sentence for so long and when the opposition is in such a good position to take over the federal government, do you think Anwar will be such a dumb asshole to make this stupid move? If he really need to sodomize someone, i think he’s rich enough to call for a gigolo service as well. So i can’t think of a good reason that why in the blue hell he’ll be jeopardizing everything right now.

So you blardy BN retards, if you really want to charge Anwar with sodomy, please make sure you send the Altantuya’s murderers to hell first as the case has been pending way too long. Don’t tell me fucking an asshole is more important than blowing up a Mongolian girl. Also, please make sure you send the correct correct correct guy to jail first because i am also damn sure that this issue is more important than one guy fucking an asshole. Also, please make sure that you castrate the policeman who raped a girl recently because the incident happened first before Anwar got accused of sodomy. And many many more cases, too lazy to mention all inside here.

But the most important thing is, now i really really wish that you guys will fuck off come 16 September 2008. Cause i am really damn malu as a Malaysian when people around the world know about the cheap tactics employed to oust someone in politics, you just need an ass…

p/s: to whoever out there who’s thinking of challenging for the PM role, i suggest that you become a eunuch first and then only go for the PM role cause you’re bound to be charged with sodomy… 😛



  1. I was shocked as well because it’s so obvious they running out of excuse. What a joke! Guess we won’t see the coming debate between Datuk Ahmad Shabery with Datuk Seri Anwar then.

  2. What in the hell does any of this have to do with drilling for oil in Alaska?

  3. hehehe.. there are some people saying that Anwar is faking this…. i guess, there are motives on both end.. it’s about who is the better devil here!

  4. Just wait and see !. If Anwar is clean, sooner or later, the justice will prevail. Conversely, if he is not honest in his quest of justice, the rakyat will witness the truth eventually.

  5. take a look at 1998 issue and see how long he suffer for that… i have doubts when it comes to ‘justice will prevail’…yes… it will…but when?

  6. Memang betul lah anwar is a gay. How can a 23 year old young handsome lembut can be his aide in a short three months time. What speciallity this boy has? We work for keadilan for 6 years but not even had a chance to meet anwar personally. Maybe Saiful tu ada buntut lembut. Buat apa kita tunjuk perasaan sedangkan dia sibuk main buntut orang yang lembut.
    Don;t be stupid lah anwar. We cannot let you hoodwinked us twice. Your gay days during college at Kuala Kangsar has led to a disastrous downfall . Lets check Wan Azizah backside to know what I mean. If she dare too.

    Hidup Parti Punggung Kena Rembat ( PKR )

  7. dude… you got a point there…how come someone just appear to become anwar’s special assistant? but then i read report somewhere that anwar did this on purpose to feed false information to BN… but he did not expect this punggung kena rembat case to happen again…hehehe….

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