Posted by: mylittlesnow | June 29, 2008

Digital camera review: Panasonic LS80

My 2 years old Canon Ixus-i gave up on me recently so i went around shopping for a new digital camera recently. After serious consideration and multiple visits to a few shops around Penang, i decided to buy the Panasonic LS80 digital camera. Well, i feel that i am not ready yet to splurge the moolah on a brand new DSLR so i guess i’ll just buy a decent point and shoot camera for now.

Budget was set at around RM600 and below, does not necessary has to be small in size as long as it’s not too bulky, great performance in makro shot will be a bonus but the most important of all, it must not be Canon! I’ve had it, no more Canon for me because my past two Canon digital camera failed after 2 years using them. 

So the initial 3 choices were Panasonic LS80, Nikon Coolpix L16 and Samsung S760. Actually, I was surprised that Samsung do sell digital camera and believe me, the picture quality was actually pretty good! I decided to drop Nikon L16 from the final list due to its poor picture quality. So i was having a hard time deciding between Samsung and Panasonic because both were equally good in terms of picture quality as well as price. In the end i decided to go for Panasonic because of its track record, as Samsung was quite a new player when it comes to digital camera and i have my doubts if Samsung can really produce a good digital camera with decent quality/reliability. In short, i still think Samsung needs more time to build up its reputation in digital camera market.

Panasonic LS80

I’ve manage to capture a few shots from the Panasonic LS80 digital camera and as people say, a picture tells a thousand words. Take a look at the pics and decide yourself. Pics were all taken on my trip down to Johore sometime last month.

Lets start with the makro shots first:

Makro 1: Flower

Makro 2: Lord of the Rings


Outdoor shot:

Outdoor shot #1: Temple at Johore

Tea Garden, Johor
Outdoor shot #2: Tea Garden, Johore


Indoor with lighting:

Indoor w/ Lighting 
Indoor w/ lighting: Tebrau City

So i guess that’s about it, in my opinion, this camera is definitely good enough for daily use and overall, the performance is satisfactory. If you take the pics using flash, it will take a longer time to save it into the sd card. So it’s rather slow if you need to take a lot of pics within a short period of time. One feature i really love is the ‘intelligent’ mode. All you need to do is just set the mode to ‘intelligent’ and the camera will automatically change the setting whether it’s macro mode or normal picture mode. That way, we don’t have to constantly change to makro mode whenever we need to take close up pics. I will definitely give two thumbs up for this feature. This camera doesn’t come with lithium ion battery, and you’ll need to use the normal AA battery. I prefer this because it’s easier for us to grab AA batteries from any convenient stores outside should we have low batt power. Previously, when my canon ixus-i ran low on its battery power, i couldn’t do anything except to bring it back and recharge. The downside of using AA batteries is your camera will be bigger in size compare to the ones using lithium batteries.

So i hope the short and unprofessional review above will be useful to anyone of you who’s planning to buy an entry/lower mid level point and shoot camera. If i forget anything, i’ll try to update it into this post.

p/s: all the pics above are obviously the best of the best…i have my fair share of blur pics as well but believe me, if you don’t take the pics properly, you will get a blur pic even using DSLR… 😉



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  2. Those pictures are superb!
    Well. I’m planning to buy the LS-80 as well, and I have to say that you have inspired me to go on with my plan.
    Thanks a lot!

    • well…at the right setting and condition, you are able to capture good pics.. but not all the time…i guess u should know… 😉

      the pics posted are the best of the best taken from many shots available…hehee…

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