Posted by: mylittlesnow | June 25, 2008

A brief history of my PC ownership…

I was browsing through lowyat forum’s threads when i saw a thread on PC ownership. The title was ‘How long does a computer last for you?’. I think for most of us, on average, maybe one PC can last us about 5 years before it become obsolete, when the PC really cannot satisfy the demand of pure processing power for new softwares. So let me think back of my own PC ownership, they are as follow:

1. Pentium 133 system – 1996 to 2000
2. Pentium 3 667Mhz – 2000 to 2002
3. Pentium 4 2.8Mhz – 2002/3 – 2007
4. Quad Core QX6700 – 2007 to date

The Pentium 133 was my first ever PC system and i love it back then although it’s not really a high end system. Cost more than RM4k, a sum which i can use to build a very powerful system these days. Heck, i think my first Pentium system is the costliest to date. Amazing huh? Just put a quad core system besides the pentium one and see the difference, fuu-yoh! I just love technology…

So what about you guys? Are you a PC freak who cannot simply tahan and keep on changing and upgrading? 🙂



  1. yea… u memang PC freak!! no doubt…

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