Posted by: mylittlesnow | June 22, 2008

Sayonara big-time Charlie

Ronaldo: Set to leave Man Utd this summer

It’s almost a forgone conclusion that Christiano Ronaldo will be leaving Manchester United. I can’t believe that it has been 5 long years since he first joined United. And i still remember the first two years when he was playing for United, i had a great time laughing about him. You know, the usual stepover and then the ala rugby finishing style or another way is stepover and then falling down. That was the young Christiano Ronaldo. But this fella has since matured and is definitely on top of his game right now. A great striker of the ball, with either both of his feet or using the head, no one will dare to deny that CR is definitely one of the best player on the planet now! I will not comment much about him betraying Man Utd but lets take a look at the past 5 years and probably CR deserves a small pat on the back for helping Man Utd winning the Premiership for the past two seasons as well as the Champions League this year. But lets not forget that football is about a team of winning 11 and not only relying on one single player. Good players have come and go from Man Utd but life goes on and with Sir Alex still at the helm for another 2-3 years, it’s good that CR dropped the bombshell now. That way, we’ll have enough time to rebuild another squad. Lets not forget as well that although CR scored a lot of goals last season, he choked big time whenever it comes to big games. Take a look at games against Barca during the Champions League semi-final as well as the match against Chelsea during the final. He is no where near to be seen except for a goal against Chelsea. After that, he just disappeared into oblivion. So if it is his wish to leave Man Utd, so be it. Lets just grab the cash + player deal from Real Madrid. Robinho will be an excellent signing or else, Wesley Sneijder is another good option to consider.

To CR, you are a good player but you have just passed the chance to become a legend at United. Bye bye and best of luck to you at Real Madrid. And i hope that your head will not grow even bigger at Real Madrid, that is if Sir Alex decides to dump you out instead of leaving you at the reserves to rot. But sincerely if i were Sir Alex, i’d rather let you go if that’s your wish. Lets not forget that Man Utd is not all about Ronaldo. 🙂

Shut It Fergie and Do The Deal
New Ronaldo Shock for United


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