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Rosmah at Altantuya’s murder scene? OMG !!! What a shocker !!!

Rosmah at murder scene – Malaysia Today

My first reaction when reading this article was, Holy Sh*t !!! In a state of disbelief while grasping my head with both my hands. Oh my god! (and i uttered it a few more times, on and on for quite a while). RPK, oh you’re going to be in deep sh*t yourself now if you are giving out a very serious statement without any evidence to back it up. But if you are telling the right thing, then oh gosh, someone’s name is gonna be converted to Najis for sure.

Wow, what a shocker, this is definitely way more exciting than watching any of the Academy award movies. I can’t wait and i’m keeping my fingers crossed if there’s gonna be any more shocking news on this Altantuya’s murder trial. Which one is the truth? i’m not sure and i won’t be able to find out as well. But i am definitely interested to know the truth… for now, the truth is still out there…

(X-files music starting to play at background)…

New Updates (25 June 2008):

Interesting article written by Patrick Teoh at his blog, Niamah.

There is something happening in the Malaysian political scene that just doesn’t feel right la. You know what I mean? Normally, when somebody makes an accusation that some VVIP has done something wrong the said VVIP will come out in arms and defend him/her self to the fullest extent which usually means throwing the whole book (which is written by their cronies of course) at the accuser. We have seen it happen all too often, right? From Mahathir days until now. So, don’t you think something is not right here?

Raja Petra has made a Statutory Declaration claiming that he has reason to believe that Najib’s wife was present at the murder scene when Mongolian model Altantuya’s body was blown up by C4 explosives.


Nothing much happened after that event. Nobody even came out to say a word. Sure the AG later, much later, made some noise about RPK having to face the music if he cannot prove his allegations but that is so unlike the Malaysian way of handling these things. No? The ISA wasn’t pulled out. The police didn’t even bother to storm RPK’s house and take away his computer. Again. And it took some days before Najib and his Rosmah came out with some limp statements in their own defense. Okay, okay so our dear Prime Minister did say that he didn’t believe what RPK alleged or something to that effect la. But who listens to him these days? Wait…somebody just called and told me that he read that Najib has come out and called RPK a liar. Wah! That’s all ah? Haven’t you and your cronies sent people to Kamunting for much less than what RPK has done? So what happened la dei?

Is RPK a liar as claimed by Najib? Is it all just a PKR-organised smear campaign? I really don’t care.

I just want to know why this whole thing isn’t handled in a Malaysian way. What do you think?

Updates: Just in case if you get lost clicking around Malaysia-Today, there’s another article with loosely gathered facts to korek korek out more details on this stunning revelation…

I refer to Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) stunning revelation (Malaysia Today, Saturday 21st June) alleging the direct involvement of Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, wife of Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak, in the murder of the Mongolian beauty, Altantuya Sharibu, send shivers down the spine of all peace loving Malaysians.

In that write-up, RPK mention the name of several military officers. One was Lt. Kol Aziz Buyong and the other is the wife Lt. Kol Norhayati. Immediately after reading the write up, I started calling some friends who is serving in Mindef. It appears that there is such a personality by the name and rank mention.

I was informed that Lt. Kol Aziz Buyong, was promoted rapidly by the previous PAT despite not having the minimum requirement of attending Staff College. Apparently, Aziz Buyong is the type of officer that brags a lot. Aziz Buyong is a serving officer with the Engineering Corps (Kor Jurutera). The wife was formerly serving in the PAT office but now is serving in the Minister of Defence Office. Norhayati is also an officer with the Engineering Corp. They have been married quite a while and currently residing somewhere in Jalan Genting Klang.

While it is not fair to accuse couple without any solid evidence but the fact that the Norhayati works with the Defence Minister Office and is reportedly, known to Rosmah makes people wonder whether there is any truth in it.

According to my friend who is working with the Engineering Corp in Mindef, the Engineering Corp has access to Plastic Explosives like C4. It is a controlled item. This creates some shivers in my spine after being told about this. According to my friend, Lt Kol Aziz Buyong was last seen in Sabah on assignment last Wednesday (18/6/08) and has not return to office since then.

This latest revelation, I believe is more damming to PM Abdullah Badawi and UMNO. I believe the revelation of this information is done with certain coordination with the fact possibility of no confidence motion on the PM tomorrow. However, the time of no confidence motion cannot be ascertained but if it does takes place, the DYMM Agong has no choice but to pick Najib.



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