Posted by: mylittlesnow | June 21, 2008

Dr. Jones, time to hang up the whip! **kapishhhhh**

Indiana Jones 4

*yawn* I just got back from watching Indiana Jones 4 today and as a quick summary, the movie is really up to my expectation. I was expecting the movie to be predictable, totally no ‘holy shit’ moments as well as unbelievable. Not the amazing type of unbelievable but the unrealistic type of unbelievable. Come on, at the ripe old age of 66yrs old, you think Harrison Ford can still run around kicking bad guys asses? And if they are trying to replicate that amazing scene where Indy was running away from a giant rolling ball, they failed miserably this time. Oh, they refers to Lucas and Spielberg. They are a legend when it comes to movie making but this time, i think they have made a wrong decision to revive back this character. I’ll try not to reveal any spoilers here but just imagine this, Indiana Jones is all about high adrenalin pumping action scenes full of adventure but the lead actor is now 66yrs old. And Indiana Jones is not a superhero so i don’t know why he can dodge lots and lots of bullets even at near point blank shots. Hmm, maybe i should watch back the previous three movies and check if there’s really a lot of these ‘mou liu’ scenes? Actually, i did. A few weeks ago i watched a bit of Temple of Doom and it still rocks! Somehow, Kingdom of Crystal Skull just didn’t have the feel of an Indiana Jones movie, the magic is simply not there this time around…


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