Posted by: mylittlesnow | June 20, 2008

DAP rep does not deserve to wear songkok – because he’s brainless…

Mr. Gwee, thank you so much for being an idiot yesterday. I am not sure why it is so hard for you to wear the official attire and a songkok. Previously, we have said before wearing a songkok is like wearing a cap only. It doesn’t turn you instantly into a Muslim and it also does not mean that you agree or support Islam. I have many Chinese friends who doesn’t mind wearing a baju Melayu or sari. Afterall, it’s just an attire and something you put on. If you take note of Xt. Saviers school band from Penang, their band uniform actually resembles a baju melayu and yet, the school’s name is St. Xavier, a school pioneered by Christian missionary. Try taking a walk and see how many people is wearing a necklace with a cross? Does that make them a Christian instantly?

Come on, as a people’s rep, we expect you to do more to serve people instead of making a big hoo-hah over this trivial matter. Since it’s an official attire for a function, what’s wrong with wearing them? I would have worn a baju Melayu if my malay friends invited me over to their wedding. In fact, i can confirm with you that i have friends who gathered together and wear baju Melayu, accompanied our friends throughout his wedding day, so what’s wrong with that? So Mr. Gwee, since you’re still immature, i guess it’s fitting that you did not deserve to wear the songkok and just sit together with the media. You got served!

Full report from the STAR here.



  1. U mean wearing a songkok is just an attire and doesn’t make one a muslim, fine…; will u agree if a malay is called to eat pork at a function cos its just food and it won’t make him a buddhist or so? Don’t talk crap… every one have civil rights, to force someone to do something against his will in a civil society is not fair neither smart, smacks racism…


  2. hehe… bro… get your facts right… please don’t relate pork = buddhist .indians and gwai lous love to eat pork as well and they are not buddhist.. and to answer your question, if the malays want to eat pork, as far as i am concern, it’s just a food and it won’t turn them into buddhist… but there’s a reason why pork was banned or considered as ‘tidak halal’… my colleague told me it is because pork meat actually contains lots of harmful bacteria….probably it’s a bit harshed to ban pork outright for all muslims….maybe they should just advice everyone about it and let the people made their own decision… but now i’m not talking about other people, i’m talking about DAP rep…if you were to compare with other people, then it doesn’t make any difference at all already… you will be like a pot calling the kettle black… why can’t you set a good precedence for others to follow?

    i totally agree that we have our civil rights, but please be considerate… mr. gwee is not being forced to wear it all the time, only during that function for pete’s sake… and by doing this, we call it respect… if that’s the case, why policemen have to wear their uniform? why do you wear school uniform to school? might as well simply wear anything to school right? because it’s your civil right??


  3. Stupid writer

    …..We have Freedom and freedom is choice. If you can Just Accept that born Malay = Islam/muslim…therefore Malay = Islam = songkok.

    get into your thick head that this is a prejudice protocol and we will not submit to it. Better die with dignity than to be perceived to have submitted to your stupid ideology that malay can be born muslim. This is a bigger issue to address rather than a stupid head attire……..yet Racism and Dhimi ideology cannot accept people freedom of choice like Lina Joy…… that is also a bigger issue. Go hide inside your songkok and see how large your universe of freedom is!!…Silly Dill!!

  4. you can say there’s bigger issue to address than a stupid head attire… so what’s wrong with wearing it then?

    hmm…everyone is free to have his/her own opinion…i have mine and i have urs… i’m just writing out my opinion and you’re free to leave your own comments as well… afterall, that’s why there is this issue because clearly, there’s two separate thinking here…. now i understand that some people will never try to change first and show example of tolerance instead of keep on pointing fingers at the other party and blaming them for this and that… eg. malay=auto muslim=songkok, i feel if we’re not impacted, then just leave it to those who’s impacted to take their own action…

    and lets leave malay=muslim issue, that’s a totally separate thing and it’s up to them to decide on that if a malay is born auto muslim… main topic here is just about wearing a uniform or some called it as stupid head attire for a royal function…

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