Posted by: mylittlesnow | June 20, 2008

Annoying rattling sound from City

Honda, you suck when it comes to quality. I still remember that within the first two weeks of owning my City, the steering wheel starts to rattle and then now, barely half a year later, rattling sound seems to be appearing everywhere. Front or back, everywhere rattles now. One of the source should be coming from the glovebox area and based on feedbacks/inputs received around forums, the rattling sound is most likely coming from the upper glovebox. As for the back area, i think more or less i have already managed to identify the source of rattling sound. At the back of the car behind the rear seat you’ll have a piece of board on top with two speaker holes. And underneath the board i think it’s the metal frame from the car. Something in between those two are rattling because the moment i apply some pressure on the rear board, the rattling stops! I still can’t find any DIY instruction on how to remove the board but probably i’ll try to get it fixed during my next SC visit. As for the glovebox, this is one of the suggestion by other owner on how to simply fix the rattling sound. I’ll try it later when i’m free to do so but before that, i need to find out what kind of tape exactly is being used.

1. Upper glove box sound(waiting new glove box)
Solution:Tape the two sliding brackets that connected to the glove box (u will c two sliding arms when u open up the glove box) its rattles becoz wen u close the glove box the two arms becomes loose in the hole that it slides !by adding a tape it will secure the arms when its in closed position and to NO MORE RATTLING sound ! by pdguy
But overall, i am quite disappointed with Honda’s quality. Totally did not expect Wajachestra or Wirachestra to appear at all. Ahh, most likely, i’ll go for Toyota next time… but that’s still a long long way to go… hehe…



  1. You should claim for the balancing and alignment for your wheels when you send it for 1000km service. Rattling sound may caused by balancing problem.

  2. first time i hear this…. 😛
    btw, i think wheel balancing and alignment, those we have to pay ourself la right?

  3. Its FOC for the 1st time claim. Subsequently, you will have to pay RM60-00. It will be ur 10k service then.

    Balancing and alignment did not only affect the performance of the car, it will also affect the driver’s mood as the car is not stable.

  4. yo bro… go to motortrader forum… share ur experience there…all city owners gather at City Talk…now thread 4 already

  5. Motortrader seems to be too crowded. The forum interface was not user friendly. Anyhow, how old is your city now?

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