Posted by: mylittlesnow | June 19, 2008

A story of a Tak Tahu minister…

Something that crosses my mind during lunch time today and i would like to share it with ya’all.

SAPP fired the first salvo yesterday when they announce that they will be going for a no confidence vote on current PM of Malaysia. Prior to the announcement, our dear PM said that he was unaware of Sabah MPs forming their own bloc, which is not that suprising since previously, he did not know how many ppl were detained under ISA as well. So i was thinking, what happens come this Sept 16, if PR really did manage to take over the fed gov? Could this be the possible scenario for our dear Yabadabadoowi ? (i shall refer him as ‘Yabadabadoowi’ from now on)

On Sept 16 ’08:
*Yabadabadoowi happily wakes up and makan his breakfast as usual. Then he prepares himself to go to oppice.*
-Walking towards his car and then sit inside the car-

Ahmad: Selamat pagi YAB,  nak pergi mana hari ini?
Yabadabadoowi: Pi mana? Pi apa tu putrajaya la..Takkan nak pi tengok koridor pulak. Cam biasa…
Ahmad: ??? Ya tuan. Boleh…
-So Ahmad the driver drive his car la to Putrajaya as per request and then drop off his boss once reach the destination.-
-At the reception area-

Leecepsennist: ??? Selamat pagi tuan. Apa boleh saya bantu?
Yabadabadoowi: Selamat pagi, nak pi oppice ni. Ada mesej untuk i ke?
Leecepsennist: Err, tak ada tuan.
-Yabadabadoowi walks to the lift and goes up to tingkat-4, unaware that a few ppl around him is giving him the weird looks. As the lift door opens, Yabadabadoowi was totally surprised when he say Ah Nua standing outside.-
Yabadabadoowi: Eh? Apa nih? What are you doing here? Security tak tahan u masuk ke?
Ah Nua: Hello my friend, thanks for dropping by. What do you mean security tak tahan i? Today is my first day in the office and thank you for your support! 🙂 I totally did not expect that you will be here to lend your support…
Yabadabadoowi: uh huh? What? Apa ni? I tak tahu pun??? Siapa cakap??? No, I have not been told???

 Ok, enough of fantasy, time to go back to work. hehe…




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