Posted by: mylittlesnow | June 18, 2008

Malaysia’s very own smashing box office movies, from BODOHLAND !!!

My colleague recommended this blog to me and i must admit, i was laughing and smiling all the way as i read through the blog, or should i say, view the pics posted at the blog. Go have a read and i’m sure you’ll be laughing out loud!

This is the teaser, the latest pic from the blog. Visit the site, Bodohland, for more pics!

pics taken from Bodohland. All rights belong to Bodohland blog. thanks.



  1. Thanks for the reference bro! Sometimes ideas just came flooding in and I could do up to three or four posters in one night. Sometimes it was so drought out that I could not produce even one for the whole week! Anyway thanks again for the kind reference. Appreciate it very much! Feel free to use any of the posters for your blog. Best regards!

  2. no problem…i really had a great time reading and viewing the pics from your blog… and like i said… you can count on me as a regular visitor from now on… haha…

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