Posted by: mylittlesnow | June 18, 2008

@mymailbox: New dictionary word

Received this from forwarded email. Let me know if you know the author so i can credit him/her for that, but looking at the new dictionary term, i guess no one will claim as author for now.

There are possible plans underway to apply to the Oxford and Webster to include a new word for their 2009 dictionary:
badawi [baa-daa-wee] (noun): To start something full of promise but end in disappointment, failure and/or disaster.
‘I’m trusting you to perform this task well; don’t do a badawi, ok?’
‘Whatever I do, I will always find a way to badawise it.’
France badawied their Euro 2008 campaign. England pre-badawied theirs, while Italy were guilty of over-badawification.



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