Posted by: mylittlesnow | June 17, 2008

Malaysia backward boleh! Salary payment now twice monthly…

This will be a very short post only.

Scenario #1: Private companies to start making salary payment once only per month instead of twice every month as a way to cut cost. And the company i’m working at is one of those companies who took this cost cutting measure.

Scenario #2: Malaysian government to start paying civil servants twice a month to help ease their burden  ??? Don’t be overjoyed because your salary will still be the same, the only difference is you get half first and then another half of your salary later in the month. So got ease burden ka ?  

Go figure it out yourself.



  1. Salary twice a month paid, that is nonsense!!. If Iam highly paid like the ministers earning more than Rm5000 thats ok. But how of those earning below a Rm1000, that suggestion does not help at all. Paying for my car is Rm500 plus. What am I going to say to the bank. Paying one half first and the final half later? Will the bank consider that, I don’t think so. The domestic bills paying first half and the final later? Such system does not fix the country’s problem at all. “Kita becucuk tanam” When am I going to finish my official duties if I have to go to the farm all this weeks. Back from the office today at 5pm, nak becucuk tanam apa? Hanya “becucuk” lain boleh la..malam dah tiba. Come on laaa…suggest something reasonable. We have to think before we leap. Don’t just simply say. Focus on to the oil price first. Lately the world price dropped down to US120 a barrel, why our oil is still on the insane price?

  2. i agree to work with you

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