Posted by: mylittlesnow | June 16, 2008

Anwar, it’s time to walk the talk…

I guess not many people know about the ceramah organized by Pakatan Rakyat which was held at Penang City Stadium last nite. The title of the ceramah was “Menuju Harapan Baru Untuk Malaysia”. Heck, i didn’t know about it as well until i notice a small banner showing the face of DSAI, Kit Siang, Guan Eng and Tuan Guru Haji Abdul Hadi Awang, and the banners were scarcely located along the side of the roads all around Penang. And because of that, i think that’s why the stadium was not filled to the brim. But because everyone was allowed to sit inside the field area as well, i still think there should be around 10k people attending the ceramah last nite.

Knowing that Anwar is scheduled to give his speech at around 11pm, i decided not to go that early so i went there around 10pm but at that time, Anwar was already halfway giving his speech. And i was really hoping that Anwar will reveal a thing or two about his ‘takeover’ plan. But alas, it was a recycled speech and more or less, it’s the same thing that we heard during the pre-election ceramah but this time, adding more fuel (pun intended) to the petrol issue.

Yes Anwar, we’ve already know about the fact that Malaysia is a net exporter of petroleum. Yes Anwar, we’ve already know as well about the hantu-hantu that appears only once every five years during GE. Yes, Anwar, we know your plan to gather all the golongan cerdik from Melayu, Cina and India and bring up the university status back up to where it belong. Yes Anwar, we’ve known that MAS airlines suffered losses in 6 yrs while SIA employees got 6 months bonus in one year. Yes Anwar, we know that you have enough MPs to crossover and form the new gov. Yes Anwar, we know about the corruption issues which have been plaguing our country’s administration for years. Yes Anwar, we know that when you were the Finance Minister, you maintained the fuel price for 9 straight years. Yes Anwar, we know that the rakyat is suffering from the recent fuel price hike and we know as well that the price for other items will go up soon. Yes Anwar, we know that Pakatan Rakyat made all the promises which includes bringing down the petrol price and yada yada. So now the Godzillion dollar question is, when are you going to do it?

Enough of all the talks, if you have the numbers, show it to us. If you say it’s going to happen by 16th Sept, then so be it. I will stop listening from now on and i will just wait. I am sure a lot of people will stand by you when you make the move but until it happens, we’ll just sit and wait now. No more attending anymore talks, that’s it. No more time wasting and hearing recycled talks time and again. So dear Anwar, i hope you will visit Nike store soon and JUST DO IT !!!



  1. there are several things that Anwar is manipulating the public.

    no. 1 :when he was finance minister, he wasn’t faced with this oil speculation shit, therefore it is unfair to compare that. What he was faced with is the fact that our bloody currency was speculated to the point when we needed the IMF aid. Of course, at that point he suggested that we take up the aid, (which could be a good thing, but let’s leave that for another time) but our dear old Tun stepped in and pegged the ringgit to the dollar. Smart move indeed. If he’s the brilliant wizard that he says he is, Msia could have been spared the embarassment, no?

    no. 2 :To talk about MAS is truly yesterday’s news. After the takeover by Idris Jalay(brilliant and yet brave), MAS has been doing quite well. For once, I think the government really did appoint the right man! Must give credit when credit is due

    Lastly, although we’re suffering now, but in the long run, we need to have this fuel hike. Malaysians gotta stop thinking that we can rely on fossil fuels. The enviroment can’t take it. So the most drastic thing is to make it unattainable. Not the most favourable thing to do. Think about it, when the polls are showing that they are not so popular and yet they implemented this. So it has got to be a last resort!

  2. we should not focus too much on fuel price… if they want it to be at market rate, let it be, i’m ok with that…but at the same time, stop the APs and sell all cars at market rate… hehe…

    i think MAS as well as Proton are both doing quite well at the moment… so same goes for Gov la…if you get the right person to do the job…i think we should be fine… the problem now is…i’m willing to give Pakatan Rakyat a chance to try govern m’sia and see what they can do… that’s the main point… if they can’t reduce the petrol… nvm… just show us what other stuff you can do to improve the lives of m’sian…that’s what i want to see….

    “Think about it, when the polls are showing that they are not so popular and yet they implemented this. So it has got to be a last resort!”

    Yes…maybe this is the last resort…but do read my other post…i suspect they are manipulating the money and use it for other purpose… 🙂 and yes, sometimes they are that stupid and ignorant… hehe…

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