Posted by: mylittlesnow | June 15, 2008

Terengganu to manage 5% oil royalty, now u know why petrol subsidy reduce?

Another news headline today from the STAR, ‘Abdullah: Terengganu to manage the 5% oil royalty again’. I can’t help but to feel suspicious yet again. First, the announcement of billions of dollars for Sabah, then Sarawak and now Terengganu. Maybe it’s due to the threat by PR to take over the federal gov via defections and that’s why AB is trying to please all his party members and dishing out goodies one after another. I’m sure most of us have heard about the appointment of Terengganu MB issue and i have read that part of the reason is due to this Wang Ehsan oil royalty issue which has been taken away from Terengganu. So now Terengganu has got what it requested for, the control of 5% oil royalty. So how can the fed gov come out with billions of dollars of money for all this? Aren’t they suppose to be bankrupt because of the petrol subsidy and yet now they can continue to dish out billions of dollars to a few states?

So now, seems like with the removal of petrol subsidy, AB is able to use that money to pay all his disgruntled members and pacify them for a while. So does that means that we rakyat are paying the cost for all this? Maybe they are really trying to make things right now but not at their own cost, which is very wrong. Like what Mahathir said, it’s merely moving the money from pocket A to pocket B but in this case, pocket A is the rakyat while pocket B are the ones who’s benefitting from the goodies announced. But what we want is the money should be coming out from Pocket C, you know who!


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