Posted by: mylittlesnow | June 15, 2008

Jom makan-makan : Taman Universiti, Skudai, Johor

It has been 5 damn long years since i went back to Taman Universiti, a place i stayed at when i was pursuing my degree at UTM. And frankly speaking, there are things that i could not remember anymore, especially some of the roads around that area. I tried to find back the house i stayed at last time but i couldn’t pin-point the exact location at first. It took me a while going around the neighbourhood before i found it, ahh… that definitely rolls back the memory a bit. But what i can clearly remember is some of the best food available there. There are a few favourites of mine, such as the duck rice beside No.1 coffee shop, the curry mee and black chicken wan tan mee at Ong Lai, the nasi lemak special available only early in the morning from 2-5am as well as the maggi goreng from Ayub. And lets not forget as well the special Roti Goreng from K-seven. Yup, you take the roti canai, tear it up to pieces and then start to goreng exactly the same way as you goreng mee, LOL. And believe me, it actually taste good although you can’t eat too much of that.

Ayub Maggi Goreng
Ayub’s maggi goreng minus the sotong goreng, darn!

As i spent so much time driving from north to south and knowing that i won’t get to visit johor that often, you know-lah, i will definitely not pass this chance to savor these wonderful food. So my first stop was at Ayub. From the recollection of my memory, Ayub serves the best Maggi goreng as far as i know. The way they goreng it, it’s not too wet and the maggi mee is not overboiled and springy and a little bit of those normal chilli sauce further enhance the taste. But after eating the maggi goreng, something doesn’t feels right and it doesn’t taste right as the way it should be. Now, after a week later, i finally realized that i missed adding in the sotong goreng, fulamak, how could i have missed that! *slurrrrp* *wiping my saliva*. Now i remember last time i use to add sotong goreng as well and that is the missing ingredient. Sigh. Anyhow, it still taste better than any of the maggi goreng available over here at Penang.

Hei Chi Mien
The one and only ‘Hei Chi Mien’, available only at Ong Lai coffeeshop, Taman Universiti, Skudai.

Next stop was at Ong Lai and over here at this coffee shop, you will definitely have to try out the ‘Hei Chi Mien’. It’s something like the normal Wantan mee but instead of wantan, you have the black colored grill chicken and i am not sure what’s the sauce like but it’s a little sweet. The wantan mee is actually very normal but the chicken taste so good that you’ll want for more once you tasted it. I think the chicken is first grilled, then only cooked with the special black sauce later on. I ate two servings of this as i know i won’t be able to eat this again back in Penang.

Curry Mee
Ong Lai’s Curry Mee

And finally, my personal favourite. The curry mee. Yes, the soup is a curry mee soup but what’s different compare to Penang is you’re able to hand-pick yourself the additional ingredients. You can choose fishballs, vegetables, fish cake, beancurd skin, fried wantan and many more stuff. What i like the most is the sambal provided. Usually i take lots and lots of the sambal, putting it on top of my vegetables or fishball or whatever extra ingredients that i took and then pop them into my mouth, allowing the sambal to melt and mix with my saliva inside my mouth. Yucks!? haha, no, it’s good!

Sambal: A must have together with the curry mee!

The only downside of this trip is that the duck rice as well as the midnite nasi lemak is longer around. Tried asking some of my friends but none of them actually know if the stalls still exist somewhere else. But it’s ok, overall, i’m still satisfied and lets see if i will go back to Johor in 5 years time for makan-makan again.

p/s: i’m not that good in writing about food but i hope the pics will whet your appetite, hehe.



  1. i do miss some of the food there…

    did you go to Datang Lagi nasi lemak ? (the one in Taman Perling?)

  2. ahdui… it’s called Mana Lagi and not Datang Lagi…
    no… did not manage to squeeze in time to go there…keke… sudah lupa the road there…and my hostess not free to bring us around that many places…

  3. hahha.. i never did get that name right.. even when i was there!

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