Posted by: mylittlesnow | June 14, 2008

Unscrupulous traders taking advantage of fuel hike incident…

Ban Cheng Kueh
Ban Cheng Kueh. Golden brown in color, crispy pancake with peanuts, sugar and corn as fillings. Yummy…

Recently i had a craving for Ban Cheng Kueh and i went around Penang buying them to eat. And it was at this time that i discovered there’s actually around 3 different level of pricing just for one piece of Ban Cheng Kueh with corn. As everyone know now, it is imminent that all food prices will go up sooner or later. But the thing that raises my people’s eyebrow is there’s actually unscrupulous people out there who’s really taking full advantage of the hike in petrol price. Lets take a look at the pricing of 3 different hawker stall where i bought my Ban Cheng Kueh from:

Stall A: RM1.00
Stall B: RM0.80
Stall C: RM0.60
Hotel Hyatt JB: RM55/pax (they are serving ban cheng kueh as well and there’s actually people eating the BCK, bwah hahaha)

So can you imagine this, same thing but yet one cost around 66% more! (Compare RM1.00 vs RM0.60). So we must always remember, as a consumer, shop smartly and don’t let those bastards who’s taking advantage of some situation to reap more benefits for themselves. We always have a choice on what we want to buy. Just take some extra effort to shop around and get the best deal. Let them know that while we agree that the price of food will go up, we will not simply tolerate if the price hike is ridiculous. We cannot control the petrol price for now but we can definitely control what we want to buy.

So be a smart consumer! With all the little extra savings accumulated, we can definitely cover the extra petrol prices that we pay every month*

*assuming RM100 extra/month on petrol. Later kena bazooka for those who spend RM1k on petrol every month.


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