Posted by: mylittlesnow | June 13, 2008

What is a flip-flop? (digital circuit vs Malaysia)

In digital circuit, a flip flop refers to an electronic device that has two stable states. Over here in Malaysia, flip-flop refers to the current government who flip and flop the announcement over time, exactly the same as when you make roti-canai. yum yum…

Blast from the past. I feel like korek korek korek now so decided to dig something from past news. Lets recap the infamous flip-flop comment by our dear PM on whether the parliament will be dissolved or not back on Feb 13th this year. I will include facts which is the STAR newspaper report and you can click on the link to read the full story.

At first, it won’t be dissolved (full report here).

Wednesday February 13, 2008

Parliament won’t be dissolved today, says PM

BANGI: Parliament will not be dissolved today.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi put an end to such speculation, telling reporters here yesterday: “Esok tak ada (No, it won’t be tomorrow)”.

Then as usual, cakap saja bikin tak serupa (full report here):

Wednesday February 13, 2008
Parliament dissolved, elections on (2nd update)

Parliament dissolved

PUTRAJAYA: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has announced that Parliament has been dissolved, paving the way for the 12th general election.


This is the very first incident that got me hooked to Malaysian politics and that’s why i still remember this.  And now we have another flip-flop announcement with regards to the petrol price (if you forget, refresh memory a bit la, at first informed us won’t increase till August then suddenly increase to RM2.70). So how many times you want to be cheated? Sudah-lah…

Please forgive me as i’m still quite angry over this petrol issue because those fakker increased the price two days before i travel all the way down to JB. If you notice, my blog postings have been filled up with Malaysian news for the past week probably. Yes, i’ve probably boiled more than a hundred eggs on top of my eggs since last week and it’s still cookin’. So to all Malaysians, please don’t forget easily and say ‘Dah lama dah, sudah lupa’. Remember this and show your power when it’s time for erection, ooops… saja kidding hehe… i mean election. 🙂







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