Posted by: mylittlesnow | June 13, 2008

City ICE – Part Deux (II)

I have been too occupied with other postings till i forgot to post about my love for car audio. Actually, sometime ago, i did post about my new ICE setup and it was halfway done at that time. Now, it’s finally completed and i have managed to take a few pics to be posted here. I can say that this is very near to my dream setup and the only thing lacking or missing is the Makan Toast HU. But hey, i still love my Naka though and this simple and unsophisticated HU sounds very good to me anyway. So i’m not drooling over that Toast bread! 🙂

Before that, i think maybe i should recap a bit on my journey to ICE nirvana. It began way back in 2003 when i graduated and started working. It was the time when i bought my wira that i started to venture into ICE. I still remember the first HU i bought was Pioneer DEP-5650MP model. And the first set of speaker was a 6×9 rear 3-way speaker set. I think it cost me about RM800+ for the setup and then i started to visit forums to find out more about car audio. And that was the biggest mistake i’ve ever made that eventually lead me to more poison and more poison. But that’s also where i met some great friends whom i am still keeping in touch up to this very day. Somehow, we just gathered and keep in touch but now most of our topics are no longer ICE related, LOL.

Ok, back to my ICE setup. My first Pioneer setup didn’t last me long as I sold them once i got loads of poison. I was stubborn back then not to splurge the moo-lah and insisted that I kept to my budget of RM1k for my first setup. So my second setup consist of the basic ICE setup, which is the HU + 4 ch amp + front 2-way component set + sub. It sounded pretty decent and again, i limited myself to a certain budget and as usual, i regretted after that. I should have bought the very same setup which impressed me a lot and then be done with it, so this time, i have finally managed to buy and install my dream setup. It was a bit like a pain in the ass when i bought them but the moment you listen to the sound, you just forget bout almost everything and just enjoy the sound sensual pleasure in anticipation of reaching sound orgasm. hehe… My requirement was pretty simple, the sound must not be harsh or bright, detailed and clear without any distortion as well as solid and controlled bass. A pretty balanced sound overall i would say. Simple right? but believe me, it’s not that easy to achieve the sound that you like if you’re really into ice. That’s why most of the time, the best advice ever given is to listen to various setup yourself and then choose the one that suits you the most. Afterall, this is 101% a syok sendiri hobby. You have to like what you listen and not listen to other people’s recommendation. Don’t tell me you marry based on ppl’s recommendation right? The same rule applies for car audio as well. 🙂

So after installing my car audio for quite some time now, and listening to it for a few months, i’m very happy to say that i am quite satisfied with the sound. It is not exactly 100% but it’s close enough to satisfy me and right now. The tweets are definitely not harsh at all but rather smooth, the vocals are crystal clear, also the sound seems to be more airy compare to my previous setup and i simply love the details coming out from the system. The only problem i can hear from my system is a big dip in around upper bass or midbass area but i can still bear with it. But basically, that’s the only problem i have identified so far. All I want is just to enjoy my collection of music CDs… and ahhh… driving on a highway will never be the same, trust me (it’s noisy on the highway but it still helps if you have a nice car audio system…)

So is this the end of the ICE journey for me? I don’t know, it seems to be the end for now but like what my other fellow ICErs sayz, Poison runs deep. At the mean time, some pics of my current setup:

A-pillar before:
A-pillar before

A- pillar after:
A-pillar after

HU + Brax voltmeter + tweeter (Background):
HU + Brax Voltmeter

My source of juices (amps):

Snakes on the car (Audioquest G-snake):
Snakes on the car

and finally my tua-tua liap and legendary Shiva subwoofer (thanks to pras):
Shiva sub



  1. eh – where u go and get your car done ah? mind to recommend? hehe… thinking of doing something similar to my a-pillar…

    • Golden… behind Hong Leong bank at the Bayan Lepas big roundabout…

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