Posted by: mylittlesnow | June 11, 2008

Petrol subsidy goes to Corridors & Sabah/Sarawak development?

Today’s STAR newspaper headline reads like this: Billions more for Sarawak. But before that, to all Sabah and Sarawak people, i hope you are not offended if i have wrote something wrong here but let me stress again that you guys deserve the same amount of attention for state development as any other states in Peninsula Malaysia do. But after reading today’s headline, something starts to smell fishy for me here. Within the past one month alone, the cabinet has approved billions of dollars worth of funds towards the development of Sabah and Sarawak. You see, i am very sure that this amount of money was not allocated in the first place and suddenly you need such a big amount of money. So where does the money come from?

I did not really give this a big thought but then after today’s news and from one of the article i read from Kit Siang’s blog, we might have something here. Lets take a look at the chronology of event here. First of all, a few weeks back there was an announcement regarding billions of dollars worth of funds approved for the development of Sabah. Then came the big doodie news of petrol price increase, with the reason stated as the federal government could no longer cope with the subsidy of petrol amounting to about 56bil ringgits (I am not sure about amount here but this is what i can recall so far). Then today, we have billions more for Sarawak.

So let me get this straight again. On one hand you told us that you cannot afford to keep on giving subsidy on petrol and yet on another hand, you’re dishing out easily 10bil worth of funds to Sabah/Sarawak within the past weeks and lets not forget hundreds of billions for mega corridor projects? Don’t you find the timing of all these events happening too good to be true? I really hope that all of this is not true. Development budget for Sabah/Sarawak should have been allocated long time ago and not only given when there is a threat. And even worse is you should not simply take rakyat’s money in a broad daylight robbery and pass it down to someone else. Afterall, God knows when the people of Sabah/Sarawak will fully enjoy the development promised when everything is just a promise on paper right now. But one thing is for sure, we have already started paying RM2.70 for 1litre of petrol and i’m sure everyone including the people of Sabah/Sarawak is feeling the pinch right now. So is this the case of another LPPL?



I found this statistic from another website. Just take a look at how much the gov is spending for all the corridors.

Allocation untuk mega projek:-

Koridor utara : RM17.5 billion
Koridor timur : RM112 billion
Wilayah iskandar :RM47 billion
Koridor sabah :105 billion
Koridor Serawak :107 billion




  1. sigh….. this is BN!

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