Posted by: mylittlesnow | June 11, 2008

2% rebate at all petrol station, only from Direct Access Mastercard

I’m quite surprised that not many people knew about this. If you are an owner of Direct Access Mastercard, which is free for life btw, then you’re in luck! Not too long ago, Direct Access announce that you’ll get 2% rebate at all petrol station. Unlike Maybank credit card, which only applies to Petronas petrol station, you can simply use this Direct Access Mastercard anywhere and will still be entitled to 2% rebate. That’s RM2 for every RM100 you spend, not bad at all!

So go grab one Direct Access Mastercard if you do not own one today. Afterall, it’s free for life if you’re a degree holder. Btw, you can apply through me as well. I believe i’ll prolly get RM50 if i introduce someone for this, and then we’ll go makan-makan… hehe… Click on the pic below to access press statement released by Direct Access.

Direct Access Mastercard Petrol rebate



  1. what are the terms and conditions for this 2% rebate?

  2. no terms and conditions…
    just apply…and use… on any petrol station all over malaysia…

    i got a friend who just applied for the card today… 🙂

    very weird not many ppl know about this….

  3. might wanna check out esso/mobil smiles card also

    can change 1000 points to RM15 worth of petrol, that’s 1.5% rebate

    plus the DA mastercard, that’s 3.5% dy…

    use RON92 instead of RON97, save another 3%


  4. danial17,
    yup, my latest posting today did mention about smile reward points…so you got it right there… squeezing the maximum rebates we can get! hehehe…

  5. this petrol rebat 2% is temporary? valid until when?

    • valid all the time for direct access…i think every 1st day of the month… 5% discount… 🙂 no expiry date as far as i know…i’ve been getting the 2% rebate….

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