Posted by: mylittlesnow | June 10, 2008

Malaysia boleh: Fuel price up 40%, minister’s entertainment allowance down 10%

The gov doesn’t seem to be able to do anything right. The more announcement they make, the more they will screw up themselves. Just read the title of this blog, does the number add up for you? Below is the first paragraph from the star news report today:

PUTRAJAYA: The entertainment allowances of ministers and deputy ministers will be slashed and their paid holidays will now be limited to local and Asean destinations.
The Prime Minister currently enjoys a monthly entertainment allowance of RM18,865 while his deputy gets RM15,015. Other ministers and deputy ministers are given RM12,320 and RM6,000 respectively.

Read the full news here.

Sorry but i couldn’t help cursing ‘What the bloody f*ck?’ again. There are many more measures being implemented but lets not even get there first. Lets just focus on this two actions taken as part of the cost cutting measure by the gov. First of all, when the rakyat is currently suffering from the high cost of living, does it make sense for the ministers (they are suppose to be wakil rakyat here) to go ‘happy’ and ‘fever’? The lowest amount you can see above is RM6k and 10% off will be RM600 only. Does it make any difference to them? Why not just abolish the entertainment allowance altogether? With the current salary, don’t tell me the ministers could not afford to pay for for their own entertainment. In this time of need, as a wakil rakyat, they should be with us through thick and thin. If the rakyat walk, you walk as well. Don’t let us suffer and walk and then you travel via some private jets for some ‘working’ trip to some place far far away. If the new Penang gov can cancel the orders for new cars to save cost, why can’t the fed gov do the same? In short, 10% cost cutting is not enough! Why not cut 10% fuel subsidy and cut 40% of entertainment allowance and many many more allowances to offset the losses on fuel subsidy? Why is this not possible? Will you die if you don’t have entertainment for the sake of rakyat?

And lets move to paid holidays. Limited to local and ASEAN destination? Gov always encourage cuti-cuti Malaysia but now they only limit the ministers to have their holiday at ASEAN destination? Ahh, i’m not going to dwell any more on this. Let me try to cook an egg on top of my head first right now. My last two words for this posting will be


Bloody hell…


Updates: I manage to dig back old news article from the STAR website and look at what our current Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad has to say.

On calls by certain quarters that Cabinet ministers’ allowances be reduced and the savings passed on to consumers, Shahrir said that it was “irrational“.

Read the full article here.



  1. Petrol price had gone up. Everyone knows it. So many desperate fellows actually drove their cars bumper to bumper queuing in lines just to get their tanks filled last night hoping to save some money before the super price hike. I am no MBA or economist, so I am in no position to fully understand the fuel subsidy thing and their effect on the economy and blah blah blah. But as a normal citizen who has an almost properly functioning brain, I can tell you that the currently planned method of cash rebate is a piece of shit that could only come from someone with shits in their heads.


    1) How many cars are over 2000cc?? Few or may be very few only. Meaning that many (rich or poor), will still benefit from the cash rebate irrespective of their gas using habit. This is not what we want. We want the poor to receive more.

    2) Let say I am a businessman who runs a car rental service and I own 50 cars for rental. I rent the car to customers and customers fill and pay for the petrol themselves, so essentially I will receive $31,250.00 ($625.00 x 50) annual cash rebate for doing nothing, extra profit from the stupid policy maker and government.

    3) Let say I am a filthy rich man and I own 5 luxury cars but all are below 2000cc, or may be I am just a rich man who likes to own nice cars, then I will be entitled $3,125.00 ($625.00 x 5) annual cash rebate despite being filthy rich with overspending lifestyle while my fellow poor neighbor who owns a Honda 70cc kap-cai only receive $150 annual cash rebate despite being poor and living a thrifty lifestyle!!! VERY STUPID GOVERNMENT!!!

    4) Let say I am a poor man who don’t own any cars/motorbike and I rely on public transportation to go to/from work, then I will not get anything sumore I am likely to pay more for transportation fares due to the diesel hike, despite me being very poor not even capable of owning a motorbike, being nice for using public transportation thus relieving road congestion, being environmental friendly by not burning fossil fuels, but in return I get punished!!!! DAMN STUPID GOVERNMENT!!!!!

    5) And lastly can the uncle-uncle and auntie-auntie at the POS offices handle the sudden surge in demand for counter services as a result of the cash rebate?? Judging from the services and experiences I had with those uncles and aunties, I don’t think so!

    Anyway, I am not all critics and no help. My suggestion is why not implement the rebate in the form of income tax relief/rebate base on income level?

  2. it doesn’t matter…imagina the 56 billions going into their pocketS!

  3. ck…you brought up a very good point there…
    the rich ppl will end up getting more subsidy!

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