Posted by: mylittlesnow | June 10, 2008

If you cant beat ’em, just sue them!

Antitrust, yep… this is one word I will not truly understand. You see, Intel was sued by AMD due to a potential breach of antitrust law. I think Intel was sued at least in two countries, which is the US as well as Korea. So what’s the problem claimed by AMD? Apparently, Intel was offering lots of rebates to PC manufacturers and therefore, in a way, sort of bribing the customer not to buy anymore from AMD.

Uh-oh, hello? Sorry AMD but i think you are such a sore loser! Is it wrong to offer rebates if you are trying to sell your product and increase market share? Before pointing the finger to Intel and starts to whine and cry like a baby for securing 6 quarterly losses, why not you take a mirror and look at yerself first? Why not blame yourself for not creating a super duper excellent product which is competetive to Intel’s chip in terms of performance and cost? You did that a few years back with Opteron and you whack Intel’s ass back then and now when you’re not delivering good products, you become a big crying baby and whine like a donkey! So what you are trying to do now is to ask Intel to sell its product (and it’s a good product btw) at expensive price and let the consumer pay for it?

The scenario is something like our Malaysian automotive industry. AMD is like Proton while Intel is like any car from Toyota, Honda or Nissan. And what AMD is asking now is Honda/Toyota or Nissan cannot offer and discounts to consumer otherwise, it’s considered as a breach of antitrust law! Fulamak, if that’s the way it is, might as well Intel to pay AMD monthly antitrust fee? Right?

So AMD, why not try to design another killer product like Opteron and then fight fairly with Intel? Are you running out of ideas and resources to do this? Come on, be a man! hehe… Stop complaining and suing for once and instead focus all your efforts on R&D to come out with Opteron v2 and whoops Intel’s ass. I have still not yet given up hope on you and I am still open to the option of buying my first ever AMD based system. I really nearly bought AMD system prior to Conroe’s launch but oh well, usually i upgrade my PC every 3-4yrs so it’s still not too late for this… So AMD, come get me and other consumers out there! Prove that you’re better than Intel when it comes to product technology, then just wait for Intel to sue you! haha! 



  1. let me tell you… kekeke. sudah ada some MBA knowledge (must indulge in me showing off a bit) , anti-trust laws is to prevent monopoly by a single player.. so if intel kills off all their competitors, being they are the monopoly so it’s anti-trust.. it sud be a called anti-free economy instead of anti-trust.. these economists simply create names that is confusing saja!

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