Posted by: mylittlesnow | June 9, 2008

Malaysia’s new Rear seatbelt law : purely for rakyat’s safety or $$$ ?

I don’t know how many of the rakyat is aware of the new rear seatbelt ruling but personally for me and like many Malaysians out there, i am still ignorant over this new rule. I was seating at the back when travelling down south a few days ago but i did not buckle up as required. Probably we are getting used to the feeling of not putting our seatbelts on when we’re sitting at the back.

But lets forget about the ignorant part first and lets focus on the reason why this rule was implemented. If i can remember correctly, it is due to the safety of those sitting at the back of the car, right? So let me ask a question here, just go and take a look at the cars on the road and tell me how many national cars you can see on the road. How many proton Iswara, old proton Saga, proton Wira, perodua Kancil, perodua Viva and perodua Myvi you can see on the road? A lot right? And do we know the crash ratings of all those car? 3 star? No i don’t think so because I recalled Waja having the highest crash rating standard and it’s only 3 star back then.

So does it make sense to install the rear seat belts at the back of all those cars? I have read news reports showing a totally wrecked proton Iswara breaking into two piece after crashing into a tree. So do you think by wearing those rear seatbelts, the passengers could have survived? My point is, we should focus on building a good car first instead of implementing rules. I strongly believe that even with the rear seatbelts, you have very little chance of surviving in a crash if you’re driving one of those old proton cars or the kancils. These cars are the one majority of us Malaysians are driving now.

So i really couldn’t help but think, who’s idea is this? Are there any ‘udang di sebalik batu’ on this? Probably someone will be happily smiling and walking his way to the bank. Imagine the number of vehicles on the road right now and there will be 3 seatbelts installed at the back. If you asked me the solution, my input is we should abolish all the taxes on cars with good crash ratings. Make them affordable so everyone can buy at reasonable price. Make it compulsory for all compact and national cars to adhere to certain standards of crash rating, maybe 3 star minimum? So think about it, is this really for the safety of rakyat?



  1. rakyat’s safety?i think partially this is true. Many countries already have this enforced, so it is a matter of time before Malaysia enforces it as well! 🙂

  2. For sure, safety is good..but i am also agree with you that somebody is smiling all the way. They are saying to make it free…but do they? C’mmon…The G never really do things right. Whenever it’s the rakyat’s money that they are profiting, they will sure agree. See the road tax deduction due to the petrol hike? Have they send out the money? Immediate enforcement on fuel hike. Last minute enforcement on sending our money back to us. (Providing the rakyat is bugging)

  3. watever…you see… in US… it’s compulsory to wear rear seatbelts la…but then take a look at their cars…they are all solid… so probably in the event of crash… i think the car body cage should be quite intact protecting the passengers, so the seat belt might help to prevent injuries and knocks on the passengers…

    but what i’m talking here is look at the vehicles on our road la… talking bout iswara and kancils… i think the moment kena accident…all kemek, so what’s the point of rear seatbelts?

  4. actually to kemek the car is a good idea… crash zone mah!! :p

  5. Safety? Ban F1, and allow only car at max throttle would go no more than 80km/h on the road.

    Speed kills, no one ever address that.

  6. very true bro…i have to agree with you on this…speed kills… no matter you wear or don’t wear rear seatbelts…

  7. speed never kills, it’s when a car suddenly becomes stationary that kills (a.k.a crash). if everybody is driving no more than 80kph, then there would be more accidents because drivers will fall asleep on a hot afternoon, why??? because u need adrenalin to keep u awake, and driving at 80kph doesn’t produce enough amount of it.

  8. LOL klcc bro….well, as long as you are driving within the speed limit…


    i agree that speed will pump up ur adrenalin…but then…it makes your car uncontrollable…mind you, we’re not talking about everyone in m’sia driving a beemer…but imagine a normal proton saga or kancil driving at high speed…. 😉
    if you want speed…do it at the proper place like the racing circuit…

    that’s only my opinion…. and you don’t have to agree with it…

    end of the day…make sure you don’t break the traffic law dude….

  9. For $$$. I do not think it is for safety. The official stats tells you 100ppl or so per year dies due to rear seat belts not installed. But that will effect over 100-200k cars to be installed with rear seat belts. At RM100-300/install, you do the math! That make sense if it is for $$$.

    What make sense for better safety is, a rule that states all car to be install with speed regulator and cars installed with speed regulator cannot travel over 80kmph. Now that is a better safety.

    KLCC, I think your proposal will warrant all divers to be injected with adrenalin to make our sleepy driver stays awake. Besides raising their blood pressure, dilate their blood vessel, increase blood sugar level. And if the car fails at high speed and get into accidents, they will jump around and go into rage with the other drivers who is also high on adrenalin.

    Frankly, I do think people with naturally high adrenalin should not drive on public road. For the sake of public safety too.

  10. Read this:

    The BMW went out of control. Speed?

    The guys got trapped? Seat belt held them back?

    You see even a “Good” and “expensive” car with all the safety feature could not help if driver is not skillful.

    If you want speed, we have to make the govt to make it compulsory to test all cars that is on the road in Malaysia to withstand 300km/h collision that does not harm the passenger or driver, plus other feature such as prevention of fuel leaks.

    One of my friend survive a 160km/h collision with a divider on Myvi. GF severely injured. He had broken arms. Had they have kids, I think with rear seat belt the kids will have chest injury, neck injury. He now drives 70km/h on a max 110km/h road. I guess he learned his lesson.

    Speed kills. There is nothing you can do about it, but to drive slower.

    I am for the govt to install speed regulator on all cars. Manufacturer should be voluntarily include it or be compelled to do so by law.

  11. I make a research about this topic now on… haha… waiting 4 da result…. ;p

  12. then do update us on ur research result bro…

  13. ‘Tis odd that I’m doing an assignment based on this when clearly, I do not entirely agree on their method for this. Yet, what I have to do is to pretend that I am promoting this campaign of theirs.

    *sighs* What’s a student to do when assignment calls.

  14. BMW crash in Msia coz not enough safety. Its not about the speed. Its god will. If god is willing, you will survive. If not, you know lah

  15. Mah, all this hype about ‘rear’ seat belt is foolish (in short, the Govt itself). Look back folks! When the Govt. impose on ‘3rd’ brake light and make it illegal if your car doesn’t have one, does it save life? Or when the Govt impose on wearing ‘bright’ vest for motorist! Does it saves life? If the answer is yes, why there still plenty of accident (and sadly) people whom get killed on the road! For me, the real answer is the Govt. never cared…. What their real motives is making new ways to our pocket (hard earned money) either by selling stuff (YES, we’ve become victim of directed marketing by the Govt. itself – ask what MTEN really stand for) OR by passing laws that give them opportunity to cream people of their money by summon. Yeah, that’s one really caring Govt.

    Sadly, i’m one of them; too….(in a way)

  16. I agree with you, rear seat belt is not useful if your car crash badly.. like torn apart to 2 pieces. But you should remind that a “light” accident ( not until causes your car split to 2 part ), can causes the passenger at rear seat hurt so bad if they don’t used rear seat belt.

    The point i should address is : if you want better car build in, then you should go with expensive car, not national car which is build in to reduce the cost.

    And i also agree that, all new cars should be have pre installed rear seat belt. So we don’t have to pay extra to install it.

    Just my 2 cent opinion.


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