Posted by: mylittlesnow | June 5, 2008

A trip down the memory lane – Going down south

Tomorrow will be the first time i am returning to the state of Johore ever since i left the state about 5 years ago. Yes, i studied there for 4 years and i had a great time there. Thanks to Reb, i have the excuse this time to go down south. So i am kinda excited actually to be able to take time off and visit the place again. There are not many places i wish to go but definitely a few food which i’d love to eat again after missing them for 5 yrs.

Johore, here i come !!! I’ll try to post something about it once i get back this Sunday. 🙂


p/s: some idiot could not have announced the fuel price hike at a better time, they simply had to announce it yesterday, 2 days before i am going to drive way up from north to south of malaysia and back to north, yes…in hokkien, i call that as ‘kanasai’ …



  1. will be waiting for ur pics!!

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