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Petrol price in Malaysia goes up, prices of car remain the same… WTF?

Yup, it’s now official. I bet you’ll be reading in a lot a lot a lot of blogs about the increase in petrol price in Malaysia. And mind you, it’s not a little, going up from RM1.92 to RM2.70 overnight. That’s about 40% increase! Boy oh boy, how come i have never seen this kind of figure in my yearly salary review? But i am not that surprised because most of us should be able to see this coming. With the price of oil going up by the day, up till USD130 per barrel for crude oil, how long can we maintain the low price of petrol?

But that makes me think back on the point brought up by Anwar during Mar ’08 pre-election speech.  So this is point #1.

#1. Malaysia is a net exporter of oil for pete’s sake!

So how come we keep on hearing the bullshit from our big G that they are subsidizing us for the petrol? Damn shit! Let me put an analogy for example and i shall be using shit as a subject here. Forgive me but i am damn pissed off like shit now. Let’s assume that our very own black gold, which is our own shit la can be used as petrol to power our vehicles. So everyday, i pump out my own shit and it’s definitely FOC right? So lets assume i am the big dum dum ass big G la. I decided not to use my own shit but rather i sell it to some other ppl for RM10/litre (whoo, how i wish my shit worth that much). THEN, i buy other ppl’s shit for my own use. Maybe other ppl’s shit lower quality la, cause they don’t eat McD that much, lower cholesterol, so it cost RM6 for ShitRon92 and RM7 for ShitRon97. Then i decide to sell those shit to my family members or friends at RM4 and tell them i am subsidizing for them and I’m losing money because of that. Hello??? What happen to the RM10 profit made from my own shit? So you see, i still don’t understand a shit at all over this issue and i will be more than happy if anyone out there can enlighten me on this. Or else, i will still think that we’ve been fed with lots of bullshit from the big G.

And now, lets move on to point #2.

#2. If petrol price were to follow market price, what about cars?

If the big G wanna let the price of petrol float according to market, then by all means do it! But what about the price of our cars? It’s easy for them to make announcement when it concerns Barang Naik issues but then when it comes to reducing price, they will pretend as if nothing happens? So if the price of petrol now is not subsidized, what about car? Do you want the rakyat to subsidize you on cars ar? We are paying a lot for all the duti-duti la, duti kaki, duti tangan, duti kapala, so how? Pretend as if nothing happens and happily loading both right and left side of your pocket? If price of petrol is not subsidized, then by all means, drop the kepala otak hang duties by all means. Then i don’t have any problem with that cause the savings from the car purchase can be used to offset the higher petrol price.

To whoever who made this brilliant decision, i hope your days are numbered…your name might be Bodohwee but don’t assume that we’re all fools as well… May God waste your soul in hell…

Let us look back at the history of petrol price increase and if you take note, it happens around 2004 onwards, the era of bodohwee.

History of petrol price increase in M'sia


And lets not forget about another bullNajis feed to us rakyat: (taken from Bernama)



No Fuel Price Hike, Says Najib     



KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 25 (Bernama) — Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak today dismissed assumptions of a hike in fuel price after the March 8 general election.


“No, it doesn’t necessarily mean price hike,” he said when asked if there would be a rise in fuel price after the polls following the increase in fuel subsidies paid by the Government last year.


Najib was speaking to reporters after Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad launched Barisan Nasional’s (BN) progress report and election manifesto, themed “Security, Peace and Prosperity,” here.

In his speech at the launching, Abdullah, who is also Finance Minister, said that last year, the government paid RM43.4 billion for subsidies, of which RM35 billion was allocated for fuel.

Commenting on the BN’s manifesto, Najib said that it was the BN’s government Key Performance Index (KPI) for the last four years and is assessed by the rakyat.

“I believe this document is the basis and measurement of our success as

well as our future direction,” he said.

Najib said that this was because the manifesto was not politically rhetoric but contained substantive inputs.

He said that the specific contents in the manifesto made it easier for the rakyat to see in detail all that had been done by the BN government to develop the country.

“The rakyat can also know where the BN government will lead them to,” he said.

The Manifesto themed “Security, Peace and Prosperity,” outlined what the government had done in the last four years after the huge mandate given by the rakyat in the 2004 general election.

This is also the first time the government unfolds its progress report before the rakyat.






  1. Yeah…those p[oliticians are bullsh*t, ok. I still remember the no fuel hike news until August. I also can still remember one statement made by bodohwee… ‘bila kita susah, sama-sama susah’ but do our bodohwee susah? I dont think so. Keep up your work. I like this blog. It’s a masterpiece.

  2. yes…this is too much…
    still remember the day when bodowee told us that parliament won’t dibubarkan?

    and the next day, he dissolve (is it called dissolve ar? hehe) the parliament? that’s another crap or b’shit that i will remember…

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