Posted by: mylittlesnow | June 2, 2008

I have just committed a murder…

I’m sorry if the title makes you horrified but yes, a few minutes ago, i have just commited a murder. I was happily web surfing when my mom shrieked out that a mr or mrs (gender unknown, no sightings of balls but could not have 100% positive gender identification) ratatouille sneaked into her bedroom. And knowing my mom very well, this is one of her greatest bedroom enemies so in a jiffy my mom declared war already. Boxes were stacked along the pathway to the back of the house to prevent this little creature from escaping further inside the house, and then all of us started to equip ourselves with weapons. My mom carried a torchlight and a cane with her (to kacau kacau the empty holes and areas under the table or cupboard) and my dad got a big 1m ruler to be used to chase the mouse. As for me, i hurried to my room and grab myself my broken Cab9 racket.

Based on early sightings, my dad confirmed that the little creature ran and hid under the cupboard. So my dad shifted the cupboard a little and voila! he saw ratatouille. With the big gigantic ruler he tried to chase the mouse out while on the other side of the cupboard, my mom was frantically waving the cane underneath the cupboard space as well. And suddenly, ratatouille decides that there isn’t any nice onion or potatoes inside the cupboard and decide to dash out of the room. But ratatouille forgot that big Kev is waiting at the door step with the carb 9 racket, ready to layeth the smackdown. The moment big Kev saw ratatouille and with a big swing and smack, he manage to hit ratatouille spot on. It was a clean smack and big Kev is confirmed a murderer. Come on, don’t do that yucky face when you’re reading this. Don’t tell me any of you guys haven’t killed even an ant? yeah right. You see, there are simply too many ratatouilles running around our house and we simply cannot afford to be mr. nice guy anymore. Otherwise, those ratatouilles will cook up a lovely meal for us consisting of shredded papers/cupboards as well as lotsa rashit (rat shit la). Previously we bought a type of glue and put it around our house to trap them but those glue stink big time! And i think the glue method is more cruel because the rats just stick to it and died a slow death.

Ahh, enough of it. I’m not going to talk more about murder and pest, time to think of happy thoughts…



  1. hehee, you’re a good exterminator.. i call u next time i hv a rat issue ok? hehehe

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