Posted by: mylittlesnow | May 24, 2008

Osculating a fool… huh?

Yup, imagine if you come across a song entitled ” Osculating a fool”. Sounds weird? What if i change it to “Kissing a fool”? Ahh, now that sounds familiar right? For music fans, you might remember that this song was sung by Michael Buble but actually the original singer is George Michael.

But back to the word osculating, i was reading the Star today when an article caught my attention. The article was about kissing and i come to know that actually, the scientific word for kissing is called osculating. Yes, osculating! So next time if you see a couple kissing passionately and shamelessly at some public area, just tick them off by saying “Yo fellas, can you just stop osculating!”. I’m sure they will stop osculating and give you a weird People’s Eyebrow.. LOL…



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