Posted by: mylittlesnow | May 22, 2008

Champions League 2008: Hail the champions! Glory Glory Man Utd!!!


I just slept about 4hrs+ since 7am just now and i’m still having the drowsy feeling now. Gosh, boy oh boy, i’m at lost on how i should start writing this post but hell yeah, Manchester United is champs again in Champions League 2008. This is definitely the most coveted title in the whole world and we’ve done it again after 1999 Treble Winning year. And the way Manchester United won it, it’s fcuking unbelievable yet again! Yes, you thought how can we beat the dramatic win in 1999 with 2 goals scored in the injury time but this time, i almost had a heart attack as well. With ‘virtually’ the last kick of the whole game and just needing to score for Chelsea to lift the cup, John Terry somehow hit his spotkick against the woodwork… again! This is the third time in the whole match where Chelsea had their shots against woodwork. The first was Drogba’s shot and then the second was Lampard’s shot, both should be a wonderfully struck goal had they scored. But as what my friend told me after Chelsea hit the woodwork for the second time, Chelsea simply did not have any luck at all.

About the game:
Actually Manchester United were totally outplayed by Chelsea after they open the scoring through Ronaldo. I almost slept during the second half of the game and it was getting quite boring before i got all pumped up again during the penalties. If United were clinical in their finishing, they should have been 3-0 up in the first half and safely wrap up the game. But Tevez missed 2 good chances to score, the first from a Ronaldo cross and the other from Rooney’s low cross to the centre. Tevez did headed the ball on target but it was saved by the brilliant Cech while he miss time his run on the second chance. After that, it was practically Chelsea all the way until during extra time when another good run by Pat Evra down the flank produce another chance for United. Gigg’s shot from Pat’s cutback was saved by Cech and the subsequent rebound shot from Carrick was headed out by Terry. That was the only other memorable chance by United. And during the last 5 minutes from the end of extra time, a bizarre moment of madness from Drogba led to his sendoff. I don’t quite understand what’s the melee was all about but replay showed that Drogba slapped Vidic and with this justified his sending off. You can never do this and escape punishment and since he’s an experienced player, he should know more than anyone about this. Probably, this is another luck United had last nite as Drogba will definitely be one of the penalty takers.

The penalties:
This is definitely the most heart stopping moment. And i must admit, luck does play a big part whenever it comes to penalties. Past history suggest that United usually lose when it comes to penalties. But as what happened in year 99, it will be repeated again tonighit. Of all the people, Ronaldo will be the last person in mind if you asked me who will miss his penalty but dang, he really missed his shot!  Had Chelsea won, Ron could have been villified and it wouldn’t have been fair for him to end his season this way. *phew* I am damn sure that he is the most relieved man after watching John Terry missed the spot kick. And talking bout Terry, God knows what’s in his mind after missing the spotkick. You’ll definitely feel worse than sh*t if this happens and this incident might haunt JT for months or probably years to come. Sorry dude but this is football as we Mancs had our fair shares of penalty miseries in the past.  

This is definitely one of the best moments in my whole life supporting Manchester United, after 10 years, i almost forgot how it feels to win the Champions League. hehehe… Catch the full match highlights including the penalties below and I’m gonna have a good time watching it over and over again. 🙂

Penalty watch count: 3 times so far and still counting ( Updated: 22 May 08 )




  1. Congratulations my Devil friend. You guys deserve all the success your team had for this year.

    What can I say, waking up in 2.30am to watch perhaps one of the biggest CL Final of all time. It was worth it.

    I’m happy to see TEVEZ lifting that trohpy and it was proud moment for my self as Argentine supporters.

    Please check out the latest posting on my blog about this little fella.

    Would certainly appreciate you guys to give your thought about him or the game or even your feelings at this moment….

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