Posted by: mylittlesnow | May 21, 2008

unReview: Iron Man movie

Yes, today i’m not going to review the movie of Iron Man but I am going to review something else but related to Iron Man. I don’t know what to call it so i’ll just simply put it as unReview? hehe. If you want Iron Man’s movie review, i’m sure you can get it from thousands and millions of movie website or blogs all over the world. But today, i am going to share my experience of watching Iron Man and share a little bit of spoiler which will not really impact your experience of watching the movie. I went to GSC Gurney Plaza last Friday to catch this movie and i recall reading something about after credits scene. So after waiting for quite some time when the credits started to roll, some a$$hole decided to cut and stop the movie. Yes, after watching the whole freaking movie and waiting for the final scene as an icing for a great movie, some idiot really have to cut the final after credits scene. Shame on you GSC! Not feeling satisfied with that, i have already wrote a complain to GSC and then i turn to Youtube to search for this clip and voila, i found it almost immediately.

*Warning*: Spoiler ahead!


So what’s the clip all about? I have already warned you about the spoiler and if you don’t give a damn about it, here’s what it’s all about. Turns out that Iron Man’s father is not dead and he returned to form a partnership with his son to become Iron Father and Iron Son. Boo hooo!!! Just kidding, but view the clip below if you seriously wanna know about this 30-second clip, which provide a hint for what’s in store in the next Iron Man movie. And to GSC again, shame on you! Boo hooo!!!

p/s: Iron Man is another helluva great movie! Forget the reviews, for goodness sake, just grab a popcorn/coke and go watch the movie, god dammit!  



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