Posted by: mylittlesnow | May 21, 2008

Caring Malaysians, are we?

Not too long ago, it was tsunami (not the political tsunami but i’m talking about the real tsunami that hit Aceh as well as Penang) and now we have disasters happening at Myanmar and China. As usual, you’ll see donation campaign everywhere, trying to raise as much fund as we can to help the people. Heck, this morning at one coffee shop located somewhere at Penang, all the hawkers decided not to collect money but instead ask their customers to ‘pay’ as donation to a fund set up for the disaster victims. There’s no specific amount requested but rather, it’s up to the customer to donate/pay any amount at their own will. While i am not against any of these, i started to wonder why we Malaysians only become generous when there’s a big hoo-hah over some disaster. On normal days you see a dog limping along the road and no one even bothered to take the initiative to help the dog. Ok, maybe it’s just an animal but what about our very own Malaysians who’s living in poverty? Just try watching some local program like ‘Bersamamu’ or maybe ‘Finding Angels’ and you’ll get to see many Malaysians who’s very poor. And who’s helping them? What about the Africa children who has nothing to eat and they are exposed to disease everyday, where’s the donation? Well, at least kudos to American Idol for highlighting this up. But are we Malaysians really caring or what? Think about it…do you need to wait till something happens and there’s a big publicity over some donation campaign then only you start to show the caring side?


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