Posted by: mylittlesnow | May 18, 2008

Strange knocking sound from my City rear boot

I just started to notice a strange sound coming from the rear boot area of my City. Well, it’s just a simple but quite loud ‘thud’ sound and i’m still baffled as to where the source of the sound is. I recalled that my bro-in-law’s City having the same sound but according to him, it happens only when the tank is full and it’s due to the petrol sound splashing. But for my case, it happens even when the tank is empty. I’ve tried to check my boot and remove all possible items that could have rolled and cause the knocking sound. At first i thought itΒ  could be due to my big 2cu ft subwoofer box but after checking it a few times, doesn’t seem to be the case. So where’s the sound coming from eh?

And by the way, my City FC is hovering around 16-17cents/km range, not really good compare to some of my friend’s FC. Is it due to city drive around Penang or it’s because of the mass added from my ICE? hehe…



  1. I am having the same problem. I owned a 2008 version VTEC CITY. The ‘thud’ sound came out once in a while which initially I suspected was due to the rear speakers, but when I remove almost everything from the boot area, the sound is still there. Perhaps we might send an email to HONDA MALAYSIA for clarification. Sadnessly saying that did not show us the email to the HONDA customer care, otherwise I have done it. The toll-free hotline is crap.

  2. the thing is…the sound disappear already… i still can’t find the source…. but since it’s gone…i don’t really care much about it… from what i have gathered from various forums… seems like even if you send your car to SC and complain about the sound…most likely they will just tell you it’s some knocking sound coming from the fuel tank… i forgot what’s the object called but i know that most of the time, you will be told about that… hehe…

    my new problem is rattling sound… too many rattling sound…front and back…really pisses me off…

  3. It was really impossible for me to believe it was due to ‘full’ tank because even in the cheapo Proton car, you would not be able to hear the tank’s sound. Perhaps, absorber that ran out of grease, but not fuel tank.

    Well, rattling sound? Hmm..sounds like someplace require grease or WD. Have you highlight to the service centre before. Besides, do you come across any medium for me to write an email to Honda Malaysia Headquarter for assistance cum complaints. LOL.

    Its HONDA, really ridiculous and crap shit. It shouldn’t be like that. If I would have known it earlier, I should have go for CIVIC. Different of RM50k really make such HUGE different?

  4. if i am not mistaken, Honda Malaysia’s CEO is Atsushi Fujimoto. And this is the email i obtained from forums or directly from Chips@motortrader previously. Try the two emails below. I think the one that works is Suzuki Go. Emailed once, the response is fast, within a day i got a call back from Honda but as usual, they just ask you to visit the SC to solve ur problem….so end of the day…it’s like LPPL…

    btw…i didn’t expect you to follow up on my response…is there some mechanism that prompt you when i replied to this post?

    Honda’s Email:

  5. and btw… Civic? bwah haha… wait till you get ur Civic and you will have your new fair shares of problems… i don’t know if our expectation is too high because of proton or memang honda’s quality sucks…because in real market, a city probably cost around RM50k only and it’s one of the cheapest compact sedan car around… think low end… that’s what it’s suppose to be…but because of proton… the price got tekan to the medium end side, so…. sigh….

  6. Upon moving all movable items in the boot and engage-and-disengage the ULTRAseat, I realised the ‘thud’ sound came from the joint that clipped onto the removable part that when you remove it will form the the boot-to-interiorcar mode.

    Its just beneath the speaker. I have booked an appointment with the 3S centre next week. Shall let you know IF it can be solved or at least mitidated.

    Really sound sensitive my ear..straight away no ummph with the car already once the sound reappear. Well, in M’sia CITY was manufactured locally and sold at around RM85k, so comparatively to PROTON, its still allow consumers to derive more expection.

    Moreover, with the price tag around RM80k, CITY is still a good buy vis-a-vis VIOS. LOL

  7. yeah… i’m very sensitive towards sound also… damn… hehe…. good luck

  8. Hello, I just came back from Honda 3S centre. They have checked my rear boot, disassembly and inspection were performed. It was confirmed that it was the joint between rear and cockpit chassis that produce such annoying sound effect. They asked me to send it back to them this friday so that they can send it to their workshop in Jln Genting Klang (they don’t have the equipments in this 3S centre) for thorough computer analysis. Sound analysis will also be performed to identify the exact spot.

  9. wow….i’m impressed…. pretty good service eh…i didn’t know they will do sound analysis as well…. i will be sending my car for 10k km service soon and i will inform them about my rear rattling sound as well… more or less i know the source of the problem, just that i need to know how much work need to be done to take out the rear dashboard… the problem is, if they want me to send back to workshop overnight, i can’t do that because then i will have to take out my ICE equipment, which is a big hassle to me…

    which 3S centre you went to?

  10. Wegro Sdn Bhd at Jln Cheras. Hey, suddenly I can recall seeing your nick very often thorough various website,, motortrader and etc. Correct me if I am wrong.

    Well, some people might say after the removal of the rear dashboard, other problems such as loosenning will come subsequently. Nonetheless, to me, I can’t even survive with current problem, at least if I die also I must know the reason. LOL, rather than live with it. This is my principle. LOL.

    Let me know about your service status as well.

  11. yeah….i’m sensitive to sound as well… haha….
    damn… ppl say before…i u don’t want any sound…then just park the car at home…. πŸ˜›

    you’re nick is Cliff as well at lowyat?
    do visit the Honda City thread at motortrader… can share infos there… πŸ™‚

  12. Sent my car to service centre. Shall update you once I got my car back.

    HONDA is now on the 3S promotion.

    Besides, I am just a guest in whilst my sis is the member.

  13. Hello, got my car back on Saturday. The problem is solved. The car cruised smoothly and quietly when I travelled all the way from KL to Seremban for a gathering.

    According to the mechanic, the knocking sound was produced due to the friction of the metal. This is probably due to the imperfect sanding after the welding work was done. Now everything is fine.

    I think your problem can also be solved. Therefore, please send it to the 3S centre for rectification ASAP. Good day!

  14. aiyo…good news…but you have to leave your car there for a few days right?

  15. Sent my car on friday morning, got it back on saturday noon. Quiet reasonable timeframe as they have to perform sound analysis and further sanding to perfect the metal joint.

    Please send your car for diagnosis while its still under warranty otherwise all these labour charges are gonna cost you at least RM100 bucks.

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