Posted by: mylittlesnow | May 18, 2008

New Honda Civic burnt! Happen @ Penang !!!

As a Honda owner myself (Honda EX5 la, hehe), i must admit that i am not totally satisfied with Honda’s quality of late. Their cars are fine and very well made, in terms of design as well as features but then, the quality control sucks big time, yes, big big time. I can’t help but suspect that they aren’t taking quality seriously and all the post purchase survey, whether through phone or through snail mail, is just another way of putting up a show for the customer to prove that they care and value our feedback? So i was quite worried when my friend emailed me and told me that his colleague’s rather new Honda Civic caught fire on it’s own. I think this happened about 2 weeks ago but i only got the time to post this up today. If i am not wrong, the car is barely 1 year old and guess what, the car caught fire on it’s own around 3am early in the morning. I have double check with my friend if the owner has installed any 3rd party stuff on his own because usually, this is the case. But the owner confirmed that he did nothing at all on the car. Wow, if that’s the case, i think this will be a serious issue for Honda and i do hope they won’t sweep this case under the carpet. But lets not speculate anything and i will be happy to wait for the official police investigation report in 1 month’s time. If it’s a valid case, then to Honda, you’re in big trouble! I was quite pissed off with its Quality Control but then again, minor issues on the accesories yada-yada won’t hurt much but imagine the car catching fire on its own? Dang, this is huge man! I’ll try to follow up on this issue and lets see what’s the outcome but one thing’s for sure, the owner just lost his brand new car and i doubt he’ll get back the whole value of the car from insurance…

Honda, The Power of Dreams? I hope it’s not the case of turning reality into a dream…from solid to ashes…sheesh… if this is confirmed due to some design issue, Honda better quickly announce on recall man but let me say this again, we should not assume until it’s confirmed so better wait for the official investigation report. Pics captured shown below and by the way, this happened at Taman Sri Nibong area, Penang. It’s a housing area right behind Kristal Point.

Civic burnt 1

Civic burnt 2

Civic burnt 3



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