Posted by: mylittlesnow | May 16, 2008

Sabah crossover? i don’t think so, but…

Ok. Here’s the thing, we have been reading a lot from newspaper recently about some BN MPs from Sabah/Sarawak going to crossover to Pakatan Rakyat. At first, the party with a big ego merely brushes this issue aside as rumours but as the days pass by, i myself is starting to believe that this will actually happen. You see, Anwar has been so daring to openly announce that he has the numbers and he should be able to form the new Fed Gov by September this year. I am not too sure if he’s trying to play mind games here but if I were him, i would not have been so daring. Imaging announcing to the public about this and come this September, if nothing happens, he will definitely be a laughing stock for everyone. So what made me start to believe in this sh*t? The strongest hint yet came from the recent speech at parliament by Kalabakan MP. And based on what he said, i think the crossover won’t happen, BUT… there is a possibility that all the MPs from Sabah will resign from BN and then create their own party, just like DAP, PAS and PKR. And then they will join PR, so this way, i don’t think it’s considered as party hopping right? See for yourself the video clip below and i strongly support what is being highlighted by Kalabakan MP. Everybody knows that without Sabah/Sarawak, BN would have lost and become the opposition party now. Yet it seems that Sabah/Sarawak’s effort or help was not really recognized. Time to teach someone a lesson eh?


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