Posted by: mylittlesnow | May 14, 2008

Bandar Mahkota Cheras road issue lingers on…

It seems that the BMC road issue will not be solved anytime soon in the future. What makes me wonder is how in the blue/pink/purple/whatever-color hell that this issue can happen in the first place. Actually, if you put yourself in either party’s situation, you will definitely feel for them. For example, if you’re the residents of BMC, you know that there’s two road available. One is free while another charges toll every single time you use it. Which one will you choose? D-oh! However, if you put yourself in Grand Saga’s situation, then you’ll definitely feel angry as well because you have already spent a lot of money to build the toll roads and after that you don’t get to collect a single cent. So how can this issue happen in the first place? I think it’s about time the gov steps in and settle this issue once and for all. It’s not good to leave the issue as it is while the people of BMC continue to suffer. The only solution which i think will be fair to all is, get the culprit who makes this stupid decision and make him pay! Then Grand Saga gets the money as compensation and then the BMC residents can enjoy toll free road and everyone is happy. But one thing is for sure, i hope the Gov won’t step in and use the rakyat’s money to pay…

And by the way, what makes me write about this? It’s the video clip below that reminds me about this almost forgotten issue because i don’t see the event which happened probably one week ago being reported at our local newspaper. Watch the video and decide for yourself…



  1. do you read news at all? please, before you say anything, know the facts first. what do you mean grand saga do not get a cent “at all” if the bandar mahkota residents use the access road. the access road is suposed to be free, and the residents have been paying them for years for something that is free. and also, there is another toll just kilo meters away. d-oh, you haven’t been to bandar mahkota cheras i guess.

  2. well, i am putting myself in the shoe of the Grand Saga company and i am not talking about the free access road…
    and yes, i have not been to BMC…
    don’t get me wrong… i am on the side of BMC residents as well as if i were to stay at BMC, i wouldn’t want to pay for a toll knowing that i can use a shorter route and it’s free somemore!

    the thing is… this kind of situation should not exist… so i am not putting the blame on Grand Saga but the party who’s wrong is someone who approve both the free road as well as allow the toll collection… simply ridiculous right?

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