Posted by: mylittlesnow | May 13, 2008

Kudos to EPF: EPF Confirmation to email->EPF nominations name is gone

I take my hats off to EPF. At least they clarify about something which has been flying around in emails for probably a year? But it’s better late than never. In these days of Internet, it’s very easy for anyone to simply spread some rumours or at times actual facts, but it’s always good for the accused party to clarify. So BN, what are you waiting for? We are still waiting for answers and you should take cue from EPF on this. I have read emails on Port Klang scandal and many more, why don’t provide an open answer or clarifications? Just hentam your reply and click Forward to all and i’m sure i’ll get the emails @ my mailbox soon…

Anyway, reply from EPF below (p/s: i cannot verify the authenticity but at least, there’s a reply) :

Dear ALL,

We understand that a series of emails has been in circulation regarding EPF missing nomination records since January 2007. Let me assure you that there has been no cases of lost or missing nomination details and that all nominations made by our members are still intact and maintained on record.

For the record, nomination details are kept in nomination forms (KWSP 4), which are safely stored at a central location in Kuala Lumpur. The details in the forms were not available in the old computer system due to the confidentiality of the records.

With the EPF migrating to a new computer system on 2 January 2007, all nomination forms are scanned and uploaded into the system. The nominees’ details are also keyed in to enable the viewing of nomination details at the EPF service counters.

However, there have been a small number of cases where the scanned image of the nomination form has not been fully captured into the new system. While we are currently rectifying the matter, there is no cause for concern to members as the EPF will always refer to the original copy of the nomination form before approving a Death Withdrawal application.

We wish to stress that members’ nomination forms are placed at a secure location. Members can be rest assured that their current nominations are still valid and that the records are highly protected by the EPF.

Please help us set the facts straight by circulating this information to your cyber community.


Nik Affendi Jaafar
Senior Manager
Public Relations, EPF



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