Posted by: mylittlesnow | May 8, 2008

RPK agreed to post bail, so what’s next?

Malaysia-Today reported that RPK has finally agreed to be posted bail but too bad it was too late so we’ll have to wait till tomorrow before he will be released. So started wondering what’s going to happen next. It will be quite a long wait before the trial began, which is sometime around Oct. So will the charges be drop along the way or will the seditious charge remain? Personally, i still think that this should be a personal issue. Let the sh*t handle this personally and he can sue whatever and however he wants. If someone were ever to accuse me wrongly of something, i would not have any problem suing them myself. After all, we’re free to defend ourselves right? So i think it will be pretty interesting to see events being unfolded from now on. One thing that pique my curiosity is the way what RPK wrote in his blog. If he dares to connect someone with the murder, he better have some evidence himself. Otherwise, i don’t think I’ll support what he wrote. So if that’s the case, it will definitely be very interesting during the trial. Will RPK reveals more information that he has? This is something that i’m looking forward to.

As for the fund raised to support RPK’s bail, it has now reached a staggering RM44000, far exceeding the RM5k bail needed. So what are we going to do with the money? Should we distribute the money to charity organisation? Or should we keep the money and use it later for other seditious charge to bloggers? Hehe, personally, i would vote for the latter. Yes, Malaysia-Today will be having a poll and i will definitely support keeping the money for later use.

And at the mean time, i just hope that once RPK is freed, all things will be back to normal and he’ll continue to post his blogs. I know he don’t have his PC with him now, but i’m sure a lot of us will be more than willing to lend him our PC for him to blog. No, i don’t mean borrow him the PC physically but he can visit our house and use it for as long as he likes. Come to think of it, i’d rather have him visiting my house than the sh*t or sleeping guy. Don’t you agree?


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