Posted by: mylittlesnow | May 8, 2008

2 HDD crashes in the space of 1 month…

What the fc*k !!! I can’t believe it! First, my Windows XP c: crashed just like that a while back and now my external HDD crashed just like that as well. Both HDD failures are having the same symptom, they just stop working and then BIOS can’t even detect the HDD. So how am I suppose to recover the datas inside? Actually there ain’t much important datas inside except my Stephen Chow movie collections, a total of 38GB ! Yes! I made a backup copy at the portable HDD and then now it’s gone, totally gone. Two copies, one collection in each of the drives and they’re gone. Ahh, well, i don’t have a choice buy to re-download again but what a damn coincidence…

Lesson learn, backup and re-backup your datas if they are that damn important to you! Btw, both drives are Hitachi and from now on, i think Hitachi HDD sucks! Future hard drives will only be WD or Seagate…



  1. Mental note: don’t buy hitachi. i found some info about hard drive manufacturers here:

  2. hehe… but the website you recommended didn’t say anything about hitachi drives sucks wor…

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