Posted by: mylittlesnow | May 7, 2008

Gov paid RM39m for Angkasawan project, or the rakyat pay?

5 years ago, i would not have bothered about how my country’s gov is spending it’s money. But now having feel the pinch of paying taxes, i am definitely more alert when it comes to news related to gov’s expenditure. One topic that caught my interest today while reading the Star newspaper is about our beloved Angkasawan project.

It was reported today at The Star newspaper, that the Malaysian gov paid RM39m for the Angkasawan project. And the remaining RM75m was funded by Russia as part of the offset agreement for the purchase of 18 Sukhoi jets costing RM3.42bil. Apparently, this is to refute claims that the government spent hundreds of million on this Angkasawan project. So, what should we say? Bravo and well done for spending less than RM100m? Hello??? Ding dong !!! In the first place, why do we need the Angkasawan project and in what way does the project benefit the rakyat? If we did not pay the extra RM75m for the offset, we could have saved RM114m in total already. Personally, till now, i have not seen any benefit derived from the project yet except for the ‘syok sendiri’ factor that we Malaysians can boast of having our own Angkasawan. Imagine the things that we can do with the money if we did not send just one guy up to space. There’s easily hundreds or thousands or roads in bad condition all around Malaysia now and why don’t we see the money being used to repair them? Our kereta can’t even jalan properly or smoothly on the road and yet the gov decided that doing a moonwalk (yay! Malaysia boleh, jalan bulan) in space is better.

By the way, talks are under way for the 2nd Angkasawan project but no fund has been allocated yet. So who’s gonna pay eventually? Need any hints to guess? 🙂




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