Posted by: mylittlesnow | May 5, 2008

@mymailbox: Have you seen a CM sit in economy class?

Well, seems like the new CM of Penang can’t do anything wrong ever since he took over the helm from Dr. Koh Tsu Koon. Came across this article from one guy who is accompanying Ning Baizura (yes, Ning the singer) and they met our new CM at the airport. And guess what, YAB Lim was travelling alone and he’s travelling in economy class. As a Penangite, i do hope that all the things done by YAB Lim were all sincere and he’s keeping it real. If that’s the case, i can only see a bright future ahead for Penang, even without the support of our Federal Gov. Way to go Lim, ooops, sorry…should address him as YAB Lim! Bravo!

Ning and YAB Lim 










Ning and YAB 2

 You can read more at the official site here at MrManager.


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