Posted by: mylittlesnow | May 4, 2008

A Forbidden Movie

Forbidden Kingdom
You’re paying a movie to watch two Chinaman talking engrish-see for about 98% of the time, and only about 2% of the time watching two great HK gong-fu actors fighting each other. I’d recommend you to find Capt. Jack Sparrow over this. 


I just got back from watching ‘Forbidden Kingdom’, the first ever movie featuring two of the greatest kung fu actors from Holly-Kong (Hiong Kong la). And right after watching that movie, i remember a quote from Jackie Chan in one of the scene, which he said ‘Two tigers cannot share the same mountain’ or probably something like sharing the same territory. Well, ironically, he is right in a way that two great kung fu masters cannot share the same movie. I am not going to reveal any spoilers here but all I can say is that this movie was definitely overhyped. The only scene worth watching was the fight between Jack and Jet (duh!) but sad to say, it was about probably 5-10 mins of the movie only. The rest of the scene was pretty much forgettable. And i recall reading a review about the actors talking in English instead of chinese. And i think that reviewer is damn right in this.

Lu seow khua la, na si kong wa sia chi leh lee biew yong hokkien uay…lu lang thak liao pun thak ka thao khak si pek hin. Chi leh hee pun si aneh khuan la… lang si t’ng lang tapi kong ah moh kao ua kong ka si pek bo sui… lim pek thia liao pun beh syok… ai kong to kong hor hor tapi chi leh jackie ah mor ua kong liao bo sui khuan la… tiu!

If you think reading my review in hokkien langugage is rather entertaining, then by all means, go watch this movie as i think chances are, you might like it.


by the way, i couldn’t recall any funny moments except one which made me LOL. There’s a scene where Jet Li get to pee on Jackie and that scene was really very funny. The ending was pretty interesting as well with all the actions but i must say that it was a little bit too late. By that time, the guy sitting a few seats beside me was already snoring…

Kev’s movie rating: ***** out of 10.


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