Posted by: mylittlesnow | May 3, 2008

A summer of blockbuster weddings…

Yes, i think it’s summer now and usually this time around, you’ll see a lot of blockbuster movies coming out from Hor-lee-wud. And speaking of blockbuster movies, i just can’t wait to watch Orang Besi. From what I’ve seen from the trailer, i think it was pretty good! Ok, back to my topic, i just realized yesterday that I am going to be attending wedding ceremonies almost back to back starting next weekend. Gosh, Cupid gone crazy this time of the year? Feelin’ the heat and start shooting arrows around aimlessly? Hehe, so there’s gonna be 3 weddings to attend this month and 2 more in the month of June. 3 of them will be in Penang, 1 will be at Sungai Petani and another will be down south at Johore. Ahh, i guess i’ll only think about this starting next weekend and for now, i’m just gonna enjoy my trip down to Serdang today for the delicious fried porridge. i have not eaten the porridege before but i was told it’s delicious. yum yum…

And by the way, to my friends who’s getting married:

1. Fred & Kat
2. Wan Ting & husband
3. Kucing & Wei Lip
4. Rebecca & husband
5. JT and Ee Loon

Congrats and may all of you live happily ever after…


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