Posted by: mylittlesnow | April 30, 2008

We’re in the Champions League finals !!!

Scholes decided that he’s had enough of shooting and aiming for birds, going for goal instead, and he could not have picked a better time to do this…


Wow… what a great way to start the day with…it’s 4:45am now and Man Utd just confirmed their ticket to the Champions League final…after 9 years….yes…you heard me…after 9 freaking years… 9 yrs ago, when I was still in form 5, such a long time huh?

But credit must be given to Barca, again they played very well compare to Man Utd and it’s a pity they couldn’t find the finishing touch. And also, lets not forget that Man Utd’s goal came from a lucky break, courtesy of a bad pass from Deco. Yeah, Deco, eat this! You told us that Barca will ripped Man Utd apart, bwah hahaha, so right now, be a good boy and go get a pacifier and suck it and learn to keep your mouth shut next time.

So who’s next? Will it be Chelsea or Liv? Personally, i would love to see Liv beating Chelsea tomorrow. Cause we’ve got our ass kicked by Chelsea a few days back (hehe)… Whichever team it is, be it Chelsea or Liverpool, i’m just happy Man Utd’s in the finals… and you’ll see me smiling for the rest of the day today… 🙂


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