Posted by: mylittlesnow | April 28, 2008

Goodbye Disc & Dat, and thank you!

Well, after 14 long years, finally the owner of Disc & Dat has decided to call it a day and thus, bringing down the curtain for one of best audio shops available around in Penang. I was quite shocked initially when i heard from my ice sifu, Pras, that the shop was closing down. Later I confirmed with another sifu, iceless, and yup, the shop will be operating till the end of June and that’s it!

You can find a wide variety of audio CDs available there, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Soundtrack, Oldies and many more. Usually if I can’t find a specific CD title at normal audio shop, the next thing I will do is to pay D&D a visit or go to Amazon website. (P/S: Normal audio shops refer to Artiste Gallery, CD Rama…)

Anyway, Eric told me that D&D is having a sale of 20% discount for all CDs available, hehe. Well, although the shop is closing down for good, i was happy to know that i can get my hands on some cds for a discounted price. I know, i’m sorry but i can’t help it feeling happy as i have just installed my ICE and it’s time to feed meself some CD poison! And guess what, i managed to grab 5 cds last Sunday. My first target was to get Renee Olstead debut album but apparently, it was sold out long time ago and Warner did not reprint the CD anymore. And then my next target, Stacey Kent Collection III was sold out as well. Awww, all the good cds have been snapped up huh? So after that, I just browse through the collection and grab a handful of cds which i think i will like. The shop owner duly obliged my request to demo the cds before i decide on my purchase. So what did i buy?


Yup, i’m adding these babies into my growing collection of Cds (including a mixture of Jack Sparrow’s cds, hehe). Corinne Bailey Rae, heard her song before from Oprah Winfrey’s show and have been eyeing her album ever since. Ryhthm Del Mundo, another production from BVSC and i love the way they mix contemporary songs with the rhythm and beat of Cuban Jazz. An Other Cup, Yusuf, was a surprise find. I recalled that Pras once recommended me Cat Stevens songs before and i just found this album among the stacks of cds. Asked for a demo and i love it! The remaining two cds were more to best of collection kinda thing.

I haven’t really got the chance to listen to all the songs yet but i’m sure i’m going to have a good time driving to work for the next few weeks… 🙂  And then i’ll go back to D&D to grab a few more cds for this year’s poison supply… hehehe…



  1. Hi there. Really love to see people post blogs about D&D.
    If u are still interested in lower price of original CDs, do email to I think the owner of D&D(former D&D owner) might have some words for you if he reads your email.

    D&D somehow still exists…if you know how to find it.

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